Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hollywood Video is Awesome

So I just got back from the staff retreat, and we just had an awesome time. I had some personal things going on that I was kinda worried about, but the overall aspect of our staff getting together and praying and talking through sooo many things, helped so much. We even had a "guest speaker" come up on Friday and Saturday mornings to give us some encouragement as church workers, and that was just sooo good to hear from him. He wrote a little about us on his blog. 

But anyway, I will have a full report of the staff retreat coming your way soon, but for now, I wanted to tell you what happened at Hollywood Video tonight:

Tomorrow I am launching our Junior High Christmas Series and I am pretty stoked about it. One thing that I want to do is watch "The Nativity Story" all the way through, but broken up over three weeks. If you have never seen this movie then you are missing out. It is extremely historically accurate and it brings me to tears every time I watch it. I really think that the kids will be able to grasp the story of Jesus' birth better with watching this movie, and listening to me talk (less). 

So, my car is in the shop, and I was bummed when I realized that my movie is in the trunk of my car. So I had to drop by the movie store to rent a copy, and I decided to stop into Hollywood Video in Aliso Viejo since I would be moving near that one soon anyway. So I grab the movie and some candy and I am checking out when the lady says to me, "If you grab two popcorns, it will be cheaper to buy this candy." I say, "So you are saying that the popcorn will be free?" She says yes and we proceed to move on with the checkout. After I fill out a new person registration form, she proceeds to say to me, "Okay, well, go ahead and grab 2 more popcorns, a big bag of m&m's, and 2 soda's." I look at her strangely and say, "Why?" She says, "Well you get all of that for free for being a new member." I was kind of in disbelief as I grabbed all that stuff (not soda though...I got water...I have been not drinking diet soda for almost 2 weeks now!!!). 

All in all, I walked out of there with 4 things of popcorn, 2 candies, 2 waters, and 2 movies, for $10. I was kind of confused, but kind of was weird. So I am going to take the popcorn into church tomorrow and pop them up for the kiddos as they watch the movie! :)


Bethany Pee said...

YES NO MORE SODA! do you know how bad i want to give you a hug right now for getting water instead? this is a huge break through.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's weirdly awesome!

Love Jessie

maritza. said...

amen to miss bethany pee, i'm proud of you cawie.

Carrie said...

It's been 15 days now since I have been soda free!!! Wooo hooo!!!! I do feel better by the way... But I am still craving it baaaaad.