Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back That Thang Up...

Today I was standing in the church parking lot, and I was looking around at all the cars when it struck me - people have a lot of Jesus "promotions" on their car. This includes me, to which I feel very guilty every time I cut someone off and all they see is - "Jesus"...and "Biola Alumni". It's a lot of pressure to have certain stickers on your car. 

Now, I know that "Stuff Christians Like" blog has already blogged about this, but I think that mine is more personal because I took all of the following pictures (with the help of Bethany) in my own church parking lot this morning. No, we didn't search Saddleback Church or Rock Harbor...just our own. Enjoy!

This one belongs to a lady named Diana, and when I told her what we were doing she exclaimed - "Oh! Praise the Lord, praise the Lord!" She is the sweetest thing ever. :)

One day our youth pastor went to Sports Chalet and bought this one and another one that says, "I'd rather be swimming" and put them on other staff members cars. It was awesome. 

This one is the best, hands down. 



Our God is an awesome God He reigns from heaven above...

Ridin' the wave...

Be joyful, NOW!

Family :)

Better than the Republican party...

I really love this classic...I want it

This one is also amaaaazing

The standard fishie...Aubree's car :)

I knew cool people went to our church

Again, cool people...who are you?

No comment.

We have our OWN sticker!

I love Range Rover's. Never would have one...but I love them. 

Awkward Bethany and Carrie in the picture

The fish family!

Or, "pray in caps"



Booyah (Satan!)

And finally, the best one...

On Frank Sanchez's car! 


Alyssa said...

Nice! This looks exactly like my church's parking lot also!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!
Love Jessie

blythe said...

you forgot to blur frank's license plate....he's going have sooo mnay stalkers now!

Carrie said...

Blythe you are right! Especially because I have no idea who Alyssa is... ;)

Hi Alyssa, thanks for stopping by!

Melz said...

Too bad my 'for every human you don't eat, I'm going to eat twenty <3 <3 <3' sticker was mostly ripped off. You love it.