Thursday, December 18, 2008

All Things Are Better in Koine!

Finally! The Koine video is up and running. Thank you to Derek North and Nick Casucci; they have worked so hard on this video! 

Just a few things to clarify for you:
Yes, that is Dr. Mickey Klink guest starring as a rapper
Yes, that is Dr. Scott Yoshikawa guest starring as himself (a Greek professor)
And just so you know, "Koine" is the form of ancient Greek that the New Testament was originally written in. It is what I studied for 2 grueling years at Biola...and this video just makes it all worth it!!! So great!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted it right away!!! Isn't it so wonderful?? Kudos to Derek and Nick. K to the O I N to the E...if it's alaph and B it's good enough for me!

Oh....I can't stop watching it!

Bible majors unite in love and applause!!!

Love Jessie

Bethany Pee said...

HAHAH the part with you is the best , well done

Joanna said...

Thats fantastic! I've put it up on my blog Crazy Christian Clips

S G said...

Amazing!! We watched this in NT Theo... thanks for posting it!!

theekevy said...

This movie fills me with joy that no other movie can. Thank you, and now I'll go read my GNT.

Michael said...

Great job.

Laura said...

That's hilarious!

Your truly, Theo-geek and GNT carrier (Clint Arnold would be proud)

Ben said...

So awesome! I'm going to show this to my Greek class.

Mike Garner said...

Haha :)

Oh how I miss the days of Greek class at Biola. Thanks for the memories!

Jason said...

This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for the work you did on this.

Let's be honest -- we don't actually need Greek to faithfully preach the NT, but it is a major help. However, we need it to appreciate the humor in this video, so I consider it 4 semesters well-spent.

(I thought it was worth it anyway, but couldn't pass up the joke.)

Anonymous said...

Great video. But . . . since the only BIble Jesus an the Apostles knew was the Hebrew Bible, and since, when Paul said all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for correction, for reproof, etc, he was talking about the Older Testament, and since we know that Hebrew is spoken in Heaven because God spoke to Paul on the Damascus Road in the Hebrew tongue (Acts 26:14) and since the Bible is 2/3 Older Testament anyway, when are you going to do the correct and More Theologically Correct Song, "If I Were You I'd Learn Hebrew?"

Hebrew rules! Tanach Rocks!