Thursday, December 18, 2008

100,000 Miles

On Tuesday December 16th, my "faithful" Camaro hit 100,000 miles. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to capture this special moment I had with my car. This car has been through a lot with me - my conversion to Christianity, endless road trips, a move to Biola and then back to OC, about a million rides for youth students (with the top down), amongst other crazy things. 

Now, you have probably heard me complain about my car if you have ever hung out with me, because this car does always have problems. I have spent more money on this car to purchase it, insure it, pay for tickets, and fix it, then I have ever spent money on anything before in my entire life. I hate it. It's a money pit. I will never ever buy a car with a car payment, or buy a sports car ever again. 

But, at least it has been faithful to the 100,000 miles...I credit God for this. He is the One who has made my car run this long (I am sure of it). 

So here is the video of my car hitting 100,000 miles...I hope you enjoy it!!!


Josh said...

I think this is the best post ever!
I loved your video!
I also love that this post is tagged as "The Lord is Good" ... hahah...
Queen Carrie, you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I loved your video, though it seems to have been a miracle that you didn't crash and die! Too funny. Congrats to the Camaro, may she live long and reach 200,000 miles one day!

Love Jessie

blythe said...

1) That was so dangerous. You're lucky you made it to mile 100,001.

2) THREE MINUTES LONG? I waited a whole minute and 50 seconds to finally hit 100,000, and then decided to wait the remaining WHOLE MINUTE because, what in the world could you fill it with? A speech? Oh, ....coto.

3) how are the two before me so enthusiastic about this??

4) i love you. Only a true friend could say this: the post was great, congrats on hitting 100K, but the video was ridiculous.

carissa said...

you are toooooooooo hilarious. i actually watched the video. i wasn't going to, but i had to.

but congratulations, that's pretty good for a sports car (i loved camaros in high school, even though i had a ford mustang . . . ah memories). AND i guess if you think about it in terms of remembering life stages . . . it's definitely a "mile"stone.