Friday, November 28, 2008

"Pop Culture"

This blog has been in the works for awhile...

So I began to realize how uncool I was around this past Halloween. People were dressed up as “High School Musical” stars, and I had never seen any of those movies. The other day I was on ITunes, buying the new Coldplay EP (which is awesome by the way), and I noticed that someone named “Taylor Swift” was the top selling artist; I have no idea who that is. Camyron, Stefanie, and Aubree just spent a lot of money on tickets to see the “Jonas Brothers” and I have never heard one of their songs before. The Worrell kids and I were watching the American Music Awards on Sunday night, and some guy by the name of Chris Brown won best artist of the year – I had no idea who he was. Pam (our intern) was super stoked about the midnight showing of “Twilight”, and I hadn’t even heard about it. I saw a commercial for the movie the other day, and the announcer said it was a “huge hit in pop culture.” That’s when I realized, I am so not cool when it comes to pop culture anymore.

A normal day for me looks something like reading the headlines on, finishing up a book on where religion meets politics, listening to a John Piper message online, reading religious blogs (like Frank’s), and finishing off the day by watching Jon Stewart episodes on my cousins TIVO. In most of the world’s eyes, I am officially – a total loser.

But I do have one venue where I keep myself cool to pop culture. It’s my one little bad habit where I just zone out for about 22 minutes every week. That little bad habit is called, “The Hills”. The Hills is in it’s millioneth season, but it never gets old. I am not sure why I still watch this show because it is so dramatic it made my old roommate want to pull her hair out while she listened to the ladies argue over my computer screen. But for some reason, it totally relaxes me. I think it relaxes me because I usually walk away at 10:30 on Monday nights feeling reeeeally good about my life. Maybe you watch this show, maybe not, but I have a few things to say, and I hope the entire cast of “The Hills” reads this blog.
First off, Heidi – please, please, please, dump Spencer. That kid is just the most ridiculous person, and you are the sweetest thing ever. You need to get rid of him, and find someone who is way better. Then you can probably get all your friends back, and your office. You have lost your family, friends, and job because of him…NO good.

Second, Audrina – Lauren would never try to steal Justin Bobby, because no one wants to be with Justin Bobby. What kind of boyfriend doesn’t return your calls for a week…numerous times!? Get rid of Justin Bobby, and go hang out with that Australian boy again.
Thirdly, Lo – weren’t you engaged? Where did that guy go? Did I miss that episode? Did you ruin your life to move in with Lauren so that you could be cool again?

Finally, Lauren – I think you are pretty cool. Unless the show doesn’t show me how mean you are, I think you are pretty legit. You are always faithful to your friends, and you have such a calm spirit about you. I don’t know why drama follows you everywhere you go, but just keep working away at FIDM, and enjoy life.
Oh, and Jesus loves you all…


Josh said...

The Hills... *guilty pleasure*
BTW... when's our marathon?!
Also, have you seen the after show? REDIC!!!!!

carissa said...

first i would like to say i can completely identify with being clueless about pop culture. second - completely hilarious about you + The Hills = <3. totally not judging; it's just really, really funny to me. :]

<3 Megan said...

i agree with carissa... it doesn't totally surprise me, but it's pretty hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the Hills, but I think I read that Heidi and Spencer got married, right.....?

Love Jessie

Anonymous said...

i laughed out loud when i realized you were going to address the cast of the Hills on your blog. amazingness,carrie allen, amazingness.

i miss you!!

Carrie said...

Josh -

We seriously need to have a marathon! Or, we could have a finale party!!! And are you totally going to watch "The City"? I can't wait.

Carissa and Megan -

Thanks. I totally don't feel judged ;)

Jessie -

Yes! They did get married! AH!!!!

Rachel -

Is this Rachel Olsen? If so, I miss you too!!!!