Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last full day in Seattle.

Oh wow-we-wow-woa - I had SO much fun over the past 4 days. Seriously, one of the best trips ever. The four of us accomplished SO much, and we all had a blast. Now that the trip is coming to an end, feelings are bittersweet. Bitter because Camy and I don't want to leave our lovies! But "sweet", because I think that if we have to spend one more full day together, we will kill each other ;)

We keep joking about how we have cabin fever because we have not been away from each other the entire trip. But I have experienced worse traveling buddies, so I wanna say for the record - each one of these girls is an awesome traveler! 

Bethany - Always has a good attitude. 

Maritza - Knows directions (most of the time...).

Camyron - Makes me laugh hysterically. 

So, more about Camyron here for a second before I forget. If you have never hung out with Camyron, then you wouldn't know that she is just kind of a klutz. I use the words "kind of" to be nice (don't worry, I warned her this was goin' on the blog)...

This trip has just been HILARIOUS with Camy...hilarious. Whether it's the bathroom stops we all have to take every single 1.5 hours, or the way she is cold and tired always...she keeps us laughing. Here are some particular funny stories that happened this weekend:

#1 - What's that Beeping Noise?

So we are by the space needle and the girls go to take money out of the ATM machine. Well right by the ATM machine is the perfect picture taking spot, and so Camyron got so caught up in the moment, she completely left her card IN the ATM machine. So this loud beeping keeps going off, and we are all completely ignoring it but Camyron just keeps saying, "What's that beeping noise?! What's that beeping noise?!" I keep telling her, "I don't know Camyron...I don't know...." Finally she realizes that it's her ATM card...it was so funny. 

#2 - My SIM card is full!

This one is classic. A day in to the trip, Camyron's pictures on her camera fill up and so she starts deleting some, but it keeps filling up really fast and so she deletes more. Camyron literally cannot figure out WHY there are so many pictures on her camera ALL the time. Finally she hands her camera over to Tita to check it out, and Tita yells out, "Camyron, you don't even have a SIM card in here!" We laughed so hard. 

#3 - Bye bye milkshake

This is a klutz story - in the hotel, computer hooked into a wire, Camy goes to get up with the computer, flings back because she is still hooked to the wire and spills her milkshake EVERYWHERE. Bethany and I could barely even laugh anymore because I think we were just so stunned that one person could do so many things to make us laugh hysterically. 

There are so many other funny stories with Camyron...I just need to remember them. 

So for now - more pictures!

Us at our hotel which was 3 blocks from the space needle

Space Needle - do you hear the beeping in the background?...

We all had to have one...


Tita's is cute. :)

Zeek's pizza, where God let us graciously encourage someone in His name again!

I was excited. :)

Yum. We went veggie for Bethany.

Me and Tita


This is a great picture!

Bethany...so excited...

Pike Market Place - YAY!

We were so excited! And we drank too much coffee...

Cute little coffee shop

Funny one

So much fresh produce everywhere - yum!

Inside the market place

The girls

Hair weaving

"Careful girls, those are hott!"


Bethany looks so little...

FISH! See videos below!

We went and tasted A LOT of tea - for FREE!

This place was awesome



The city at night!

Where are we going next?

We dared her.

Seriously, best mall sushi ever.

And this is the magical lady who made it (on the left...)

So we were also able to take some videos for you! I think you will LOVE them!

This is us at the marketplace where they are famous for throwing fish...

This is us taping outside the first Starbucks ever. The guy was great, the lady was kinda crazy, and a minute into the video, and even more crazy guy walked up and tried attacking us ;)

I come in a little late into the video because I was inside looking for cool starbucks stuff and all of a sudden everyone is looking at the commotion outside through the window. I went to look and found this: 

Sooo ya. I have had a great time out here. Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures and stories at a later time. 

I am SO blessed to have been able to go on this trip. I am so thankful for my work giving me time off so I could be refreshed and humbled by the things I have seen over the past few days. I am so thankful for the Lord giving us grace in the ways of good weather (amaaaazing weather), keeping us safe as we walked around the cities, bringing us new amazing people into our lives, and just giving the 4 of us this amazing experience together. 

God is so good, and He is always providing me so many good things here on this earth.

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blythe said...

that video at the pike place market was great- i feel like it should go on some seattle touristy/local flavor blog or something. especially since they kept dropping the fish. sheesh.

video number 2 was also awesome. i just liked that crazy pink sweatered lady, really.