Friday, November 28, 2008

I hate the Christmas season.

As I am sure you have heard already, a WalMart employee was killed as he was trampled to death when the store in New York opened its doors this morning. At first I thought that the employee must have been older, and maybe he had a heart attack, but wasn't reeeally trampled. But no, if you read the article here, then you will realize that the man was not old, he was 34 years old, and therefore, must have been seriously trampled. 

This is the epitome of why I hate the Christmas season. 

I know that there will probably be lots of blogs posted about how we have lost sight of the real reason we are celebrating - Jesus Christ - but that's a good thing, because we HAVE lost sight people!

Material wealth has just completely overtaken our society and it is really making me sick. I mean, I don't want to be one of those crazy parents who doesn't do the whole Santa thing, or buy presents (so my kids resent me), but my future children are just lucky they are not here yet because I don't know what I would be doing this year. People get so wrapped up (no pun intended) into buying presents for everyone, and spending so much money on parties, new clothes, decorations, etc. etc, and for what?!

I mean, I am ALL FOR giving gifts to people that I love. I love celebrating people's birthdays, and I LOVE giving things to people "just because"...but I HATE giving gifts for Christmas. I just want to tell people, "Hey, guess what? Jesus was born, Merry Christmas. That should be a good enough gift for a lifetime...oh wait, it is." 

Last night I was watching the news with all those crazy people who have been sleeping at Best Buy since Monday night, and I was just so shocked. I'm looking at those people and I am just thinking to myself - "Do they really need that flat screen TV? ... Do they really need that Ipod?" What about me? What do I really need this Christmas? Well, I need a second job so I can live ;) But is this just no the epitome of America? The America that is in a deep economic crisis? I am sure most of the stuff bought today was on a sweet little credit card. 

Anyway, my point is - what do we really need? I already have what I really need - eternal life. Isn't it amazing that no one can take that away from me? Shouldn't we be trampling people (to death!) for that, instead of sale items? You can't tell me there are no idols in the 21st century. 


StrivingPsalmist said...

Yep, still writing the paper. It's slow goin', but whatever... its the last major paper of my undergrad career! I'm very happy for that. I had no idea about the man who was trampled... that's so awful. It's incredible how murder like that (and I'm sure you'll agree that it IS murder) can happen and no one stops to think "Why?" Lord have mercy on this insane, messed up world of ours.

jordan sabolick said...
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Carrie said...

Jordan Sabolick - you deleted your comment silly boy. ;)

Jon - thanks for your thoughts!