Sunday, November 30, 2008

Great movie weekend!

I saw two movies this weekend, and I loved them both! 

First off,  I saw the movie "Get Smart". This movie was HILARIOUS, and pretty "clean". I was seriously laughing so much all throughout this movie, and I loved the story line. I don't like to review movies in too much detail because I don't want to give anything away, so if you haven't seen it, then go rent it today!

Second, I saw the much talked about "Twilight". I haven't read any of the books, and I heard not so great reviews, so I was a little skeptical as I walked inside the movie theater with my 15-year old sister. But apparently I am a sucker for a love story that brings difficulty, and I LOVED this movie. Now, the greatest part about the movie (to me) is the different characters. I just loved the characters. And knowing that there are books out there that will go into much more detail, made me literally want to run to Barnes and Noble and buy them right after the movie. And I am going to do this...I will probably buy the first one tonight and I am stoked about it. I am a sucker for pop culture, and I am officially a "Twilight" fan. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loooooooooved Get Smart. I used to watch the TV show. I want to buy it!

Love Jessie

Anonymous said...

Best Books!! I am so addicted...I am already on book 3!!! :-)


jordan sabolick said...

ha not to 'bash' you again but twilight was probably on the list of the top 5 stupidest movies i've ever seen. sorryyyyy carrie!

i've yet to see get smart but i heard good things about it! i wanna see it really bad.

Melz said...

you are so awesome.

Carrie said...

Jessie -

Ya, I never knew it was a TV show until someone recently told me that. Crazy.

Bammer -

I want to read the books so bad!!!

JoJo -

We all have our own opinions...

Mel -

Thanks. You are pretty awesome yourself.