Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving! You probably don't want to read this blog until AFTER you eat, but it's your choice. :)

It's been a whole week since I have blogged, and I have missed it terribly! This is my first time on the Internet since Monday morning because I was stricken by a "24-hour" flu bug. Though I don't like to call it a "bug"...I called it a "flu-terrorist attack on my insides".

I legitimately cannot recall a time where I have been more sick than these past few days. A couple years ago I had pneumonia, but that was kind of a different sickness. That was a sickness where I couldn't breathe, and the pain was subsided because I was in the hospital. The flu is a sickness where nothing can help you. You just have to ride it out because there is nothing you can do. You can't take medicine because it won't stay in your system, and you can't go to the hospital because you will look ridiculous.

My "flu" started on Sunday night. I was on my way to the prayer meeting at church and I wasn't feeling very well. Because I wasn't feeling well, I didn't go into the prayer room, but I stayed in my office (probably sparing a lot of people from my disease now that I look back). But after a little bit, I felt better, and so I went over to the Worrell's to "babysit". I felt totally fine. Woke up the next morning and was on with my day. I came home to my cousin's house to find out that they had been stricken with a flu bug. I started getting nervous and nauseous, but thought that it was all in my head. I was meeting my new roommates for dinner at Pei Wei, and though I didn't feel very good, but I still went because I thought (again) it was all in my head. After dinner, I popped over to a friends house, and at that point, I was really not feeling well.

I went home and thought that maybe I was just tired so I set my alarm and went to bed. Little did I know that I wouldn't be needing my alarm because I was angrily awoken by my stomach a few hours later. It was a horrible night, but all I could keep thinking of was, "I need to go to work... I need to go to work." You see, we already have Thursday and Friday off this week for the holidays, and I have SO much stuff to do (I am going in tomorrow by the way...not because I have too...). One thing that especially needed to be done was the church bulletin. I was supposed to send it right on Tuesday morning (at the latest) because of the holiday. On Tuesday morning I was so completely out of it. My fever was burning up, I was totally delirious, and anytime I moved at all - I was "sick".

So anyway, needless to say that the entire Tuesday was just horrendous. My mom eventually came over to bring 7-up and duct tape for my car because it was supposed to rain. ;)
On Tuesday night I was counting down the hours, just praying that this was only 24-hour bug. I couldn't watch movies, or read...all I could do was try to focus on my sickness going away and focus on not moving. At around midnight, I started to become really delirious, and I thought I was seeing lizards all over my walls...horrible! Plus, I would fall asleep for like 20 minute periods of time, and I would have these crazy dreams. I remember that they were about all of these people who were in the room with me and I just wanted them to was weird.

Finally, I hit my breaking point at 2:30am Wednesday morning. It was weird. I was "sick", and then I came back to bed, and I just felt the "bug" was pretty much gone from my body. Then, in a matter of seconds, I became so thirsty and so hot. I started sipping on cold water, which helped tremendously, and then I just passed out. I awoke at around 7am to realize that the bulletin was still not sent in (long story), and so much needed to be done. I was determined to go into work and so I got up and took a shower that lasted about 5 minutes until I almost passed out. I just couldn't do body needed to recover.

Of course I felt guilty. Mostly because I think I work in best place ever, full of the most wonderful people you would ever meet...but they are also the most un-sympathetic people you will ever meet too. I am the sympathetic one! So when THE sympathetic one is out sick, she gets no sympathy. I just hated missing Thanksgiving service. Holiday services are always my favorite! I was especially excited for this one for a few reasons - (1) All of our pastors (Chris N, Frank, and Jonathan) were going to speak in segments (something new!), (2) We would break up the segments with worship (love that idea!), (3) This was going to be Chris (R's) last Thanksgiving service at our church. :(
Simone, does that prove to you enough that I wanted to be there and would have not taken a "whole day to recover" if I didn't need it? ;)
So ya, needless to say, I really wanted to go to church on Wednesday night, but I just still felt pretty lousy.

In other news, unfortunately, my sickness still didn't solve my problems of getting the flu shot or not. My cousin Mike go the flu shot and he was sick. I never get the flu shot and I was sick. So lets keep track of the sicknesses on my blog here. Let me know if this flu strikes you anytime soon, and if it does, let me offer some advice -

1 - 7-up. You must stay hydrated.
2 - Chicken noodle broth in the recovery stages
3 - Take Tylenol as soon as you know it will stay in your system
4 - Find someone to give you sympathy, you'll need it
5 - Ride it out...don't go to the ER unless it lasts (at the least) more than 24 hours.

I am so happy that the Lord has healed my body in enough time to be with my family. Though I don't think I will be able to eat the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I am just thankful to be alive and well. While I was sick, I was thinking of all the people in the world who are dealing with cancer or other disease's on a daily basis (they don't go away after 24 hours), and I was so thankful for my health, and just the breath of life to live another day. We have so many things to be thankful for!

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theekevy said...

Thatwas one intense sickness you had! I hate it when you're delirious and you see crazy things in your room when you're trying to sleep.