Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Positive's and Negative's. 

Too many negative's to talk about, so we will just stick with the positive's before I blow through another box of tissues. ;)

  • I am going to SEATTLE in THREE DAYS!!! I am SO excited about this trip. It has been FOREVER since I have been on a plane to fly somewhere outside of California. I am headed up there to visit Bethany and Maritza, and Camyron is coming with me too. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN. It's going to be the best. 

  • I had Monday and Tuesday off this week for the holiday, and I was just reeeeally able to relax and take a looong Sabbath. I didn't even do much on my Saturday off either. I just devoted myself to doing nothing. So I just relaxed and read a lot, and watched some TV. It was awesome. My body and my mind are feeling a lot better. 

  • I have recently become obsessed with John Piper. For some reason, I never really liked his stuff that much. I know, weird, whatever...but it's the truth. But lately, I can't put his books down, and I listen to his sermons all day long. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me look at my life in better ways. John Piper is awesome, and I think that his Desiring God website is one of the best resources in the whole world. 

  • Junior High is going amazingly. On Wednesdays we are going through 1 John, and on Sundays we are breaking down "SHIFT" into a little series - S - Serving, H - Holiness, I - Illuminate (Glorifying God), F - Fellowship, and T - Testimony (Evangelism). Booyah. ;)

  • I think I am on my way to having a 2nd job. This is a joint posi/neg I guess... ;)

  • It's almost finalized that I am moving into the Bachelor Pad, which will now be known as the Bachelorette Pad, in the middle of January. And my roomies are pretty sweet. 

See you in Seattle!


Camyron Lee said...

WOO for Seattle!!!

blythe said...

i wish i was going to be one of your roomies...

carissa said...

YAY for fun trips! i'm excited for you. it's good to hear about hardworking people taking some time to recuperate once in a while.

Bethany Pee said...

so standard our church, to have an acronym

Bethany Pee said...