Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Staff Meeting

The people I work with at my church are fabulous. We always have an exciting staff meeting every Tuesday morning...afternoon...night...? ;)

Anyway, Simone (youth ministry), was doing a little diddy where you write down random sentences that people say throughout the meeting, and then read them all together afterwards...they were hilarious! I made a copy, and had to write them all for my blog. It will be so much better if you know us...

I want you to guess which ones I said!...reply in my comments...

And then after that, I wanted to show him a paradiddle!
BJ's, Thursday, everyone?
We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
You're Stupid! (this one was a joke...)
There will be childcare
I like that spiritual discipline
This is your second notice
What a day, huh?
I'll warm that up if I come home
Background to the video...that was pretty cool
It was a whole week of disrespect!
You need to SPECT me!
I personally don't have an issue
His cocaine problem is out of control (this one was a total joke as well...)
That thing could survive a nuclear blast
Selacious piece of gossip
Can't we just put them in the green room?
Then there was that glorious video
I'll be right with ya
I remember this now, it's all coming back to me...
Where are those pens coming from??!!!


jordan sabolick said...

'where are those pens coming from??!!!'

laughed out loud a little on that one

MARITZA said...

i long for the day i can attend a "staff" meeting...