Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleep Walking?

So I have been having these crazy sleeping episodes lately (and by "sleeping episode", I am referring to the 5-7 hours of sleep I get a night). I was hesitant to write about it on my blog because I am totally about to embarrass myself, but then I thought...what the hay, who cares?

Bottom line of embarrassment...I wear a retainer at night. And I have to wear one for the rest of my life. But not in heaven! ;)

Night #1 - Don't remember much about the night, but I woke up without my retainer in my mouth. I groggily wake up and feel my teeth with my tongue and realize that it is gone. The first thought that came to my head was, "Could there be a retainer fairy"? That thought was shoved to the side as I panicked and frantically began to look for it. I quickly found it sitting on my bedside table (which is a chair by the way...), snatch it up, and stare at it for battle wounds. I have no recollection of how it got there. 

Night #2 - I remember having a dream. In the dream I am talking about politics, and I am completely heated up about what we are discussing. Then, in my dream, I clearly remember having a thought of, "I better take my retainer out so I can talk more clearly." So after that thought, I am in one of those moments where I am half awake and half asleep. There is 50% of my brain that is shouting out to me "Take the retainer out so you can talk!!!"...and the other half is shouting at me, "Keep the retainer in!!! You are having a dream dummy!!!" At that point I don't really recall what happened, but all I know is that when I woke up the next morning, the retainer was sitting on the floor next to my bed. 

On the way to work that morning, I started to get kind of freaked out because what if I have been doing worse things than just taking my retainer out while sleeping? What if I have been sleep walking at night? What if I am this chronic sleep talker...of politics?! I'll keep you updated...

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Andrew Faris said...

One of my favorite posts on any blog in recent memory.