Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have more great news: The Junior High Ministry here at Kingsfield Church is off to a great start! 

It seems in the history of church life, sometimes the Junior Highers are the ones who are always shoved to the side. They are like the middle child, screaming for attention. They are not in Kids Ministry (which is always heavily organized and great), and they are not in the high school program (which is usually filled with fun events and camps). But they are stuck in the middle of it all...making the biggest "Shift" of their life! 

I have done youth ministry for many years, devoting myself to many overnighters, pranks, camps, bible studies, tears, laughter, costume parties, and rides home. I watched my small group of girls through 4 years of their life - freshman year to senior year - and I was so blessed to do so. 

Now I feel as if God has put a different call on my life - Junior Highers. I have felt God leading me this way ever since last December, but I decided to be really patient and just wait on God's timing. Well, God has so graciously bestowed upon me the responsibility to oversee the Junior High Ministry at Kingsfield Church now, and I am so blessed to be able to teach, lead, love, and minister to these kids. 

I daily have been asking myself, "Who am I Lord, that you would call me to do this..." I feel so inadequate. I daily have to ask God to fill me with His Holy Spirit, and to be the strength in all my weaknesses (and there are many!). 

I think the most difficult part about Junior High ministry is all the questions these kiddos have! They are coming into this stage of life now where they are learning to think for themselves, and they are being thrown some crazy theological and scientific theories at school. I noticed this right off the bat, and so the first thing I wanted to do was to go through a "Life's Toughest Questions" series. I encouraged the kids to write down some questions, and I have already gotten a TON! And, now, they feel so comfortable to just shout their questions from the audience whenever I get up there. 

They want to know things like - "Is the Bible 100% true, and how do we know?"... "What is heaven going to be like?"..."What does God think about gay marriage?"... "If all the other religions think they are right, how do we know WE are right?"

These are some good questions! 

So pray for me as we build up to this series in January. Who knows, I might be calling you in to answer some of them! ;) Until then, we are going to go through 1 John on Wednesday nights, and what "Shift" means on Sunday mornings. Then we will hit a Christmas series (yay!), and then we will be in the new year! Wow! Crazy!

In conclusion, I wanted to share with you one of our first projects - the revamping of the Junior High Room. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the "before", but just imagine white, everywhere. Like as white as a hospital. And the most hideous couches you have ever seen in your life.'s a glorious Junior High Room!

This is me trying to be artistic with my photography skills...

Here are our flyers...designed by Christopher Reinhardt

I think they look great!

1 gooood. 

Bowling Night Next Friday!

I will give you one guess at who had the idea for the bookcase...

Our Info Table

Our logo - painted by AJ Ranson

I am so excited to see what the Lord has for this ministry in the coming year! I will keep you updated!!! And you will also be able to stay updated, soon, on our website -!


carissa said...

i'm not really huge on church branding and stuff, but i have to say, SWEET name/posters/logo. that is some high quality graphic design.

i'm really excited for you! aw, junior highers . . . the crazy unwashed masses. love them.

blythe said...

great pictures!

i love the way the room's turned out.

danielle marie. said...

aww yay carrie thats awesome!
the room looks great by the way..