Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have fallen in love with a new man these days and he goes by the name of Jon Stewart. Stewart has a daily show (called "The Daily Show") which airs on Comedy Central (I watch it on Hulu). I do want to say that I don't like the foul language on the show, but it is edited out, and well, there are people in the world who cuss...I don't live in a cave.

Anyway, speaking of living in a cave, that is kind of the point of this blog. Stewart has amazing guests on his shows. Last week he had Bill Clinton and Tony Blair! Those were some amaaazing episodes. Last night he had Bill Maher on to promote his new documentary - "Religulous". This word is derived from two words: "Religious" and "Ridiculous". In Stewart's interview of Maher, Maher expressed that he wanted to make this documentary because all he wants to know is the "truth". He says he is not an athiest, and is on the lookout for some answers. Watching this documentary hurts my soul because he does come outright and bash Christianity, telling the story of Christ, calling it "crazy".

As the interview goes on, Maher expresses his dissapointment in all religious people. He is astounded because many people have so much faith in what they believe, but can't even answer people's questions. Maher said that he was trying to ask people about what the difference between "Satan" and "Antichrist" was, and no one knew. Maher was also wondering why "An all-mighty God would speak through prophets...and not just speak Himself?" Maher thinks it's crazy that Christians believe the "bible is literal". This is the reason he is so against Sarah Palin being VP because he literally thinks she's crazy for being a Christian (Maher says that he doesn't really think McCain or Obama are "religious" people at all...).

I recommend watching the whole interview here...then reading the rest of my blog...(skip to the second part of the video...that way, you will miss all the foul language).

I started thinking to myself, "well, Maher must have not asked the right people about Christianity...because he could ask a professor at any evangelical Christian college, and they could give him an answer." Then, I wanted to slap myself.

Why the heck should Maher have to go talk to a person with their PhD in theology (or whatever) to get an answer about what a Christian bases their whole existence off of?!

It's not like the Bible doesn't warn us of this. 1 Peter 3:15 says, "ALWAYS be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have."

Listen. I know it's hard. It's hard to be thoroughly knowledgable in "all things Christianity", but we seriously need to start trying more. We are living in 2008. I believe this to be a time of knowledge. Knowledge is power. People don't want to talk to you unless you KNOW what you are talking about. Thirty years ago you didn't even need a college degree to get a good paying job. Nowadays, you can't even find a good paying job without your masters degree! It's crazy!

To the lay Christian - start building your knowledge of what you believe. Read the Bible. Read good books that will help you understand your faith better (I will post some at the end of this blog).

To the Christian ministry worker - I am assuming you are building your knowledge everyday (hopefully), but it's time to think outside the box, and start training the people in your churches to give an answer (if you are not already...).

To anyone who doesn't believe in "Christianity", or is struggling with their faith - take a gander at my testimony if you would like. On the right side of my blog, all the way at the end, there is a label titled, "my testimony". I became a Christian out of nowhere. God led me right into His arms, but I did not take it lightly. I believed...I really really believed...but I still thought I sounded CRAZY. I am NOT the kind of person who will just do whatever people say, or not question things when it doesn't feel 100% kosher. So I didn't give up. I read, and read, and read, and then I decided to pay a lot of money to go somewhere that would help me learn more about my faith. BUT, I did NOT just limit myself to a private Christian school. I also threw myself into a liberal college as well, where I purposely took anthropology (big bang theory and all that good stuff) from an atheist teacher who worshipped the earth, and gave us one question on our final that consisted of - "Do you believe in God? Why or why not?" And if you said "yes", you basically failed (he ended up changing the question my semester because the school said he couldn't ask it anymore).

Basically, my point is that I was not afraid of the answers. If the answers point to the fact that Christianity is all a lie, then so be it. I wasted a lot of money, and my degree isn't worth anything. But in all my research (of not fearing the TRUE answers), I have found Christianity to be "THE way", "THE truth", and "THE life".

Don't be scared of the truth. Don't be scared of answers. Don't boycott this movie because you fear that people will turn from Christianity. Christians look ignorant when they do things like that.

Christians must stand for what they believe in with wisdom and knowledge and answers. And of course, just like this blog reminds you - we must love.

Take a gander at the "Religulous" Trailer

Here are some good books that you can start reading. If you are reading my blog, then I am assuming you can begin at the intermediate level (I am also assuming you are 18+...and still, some are easier than the others). I would consider these books intermediate. If you would like basic level or a higher level list of recommendations, please email me at, or comment me. 

STILL WANTING MORE?! You don't have to pay a lot of money to get more education in theology. Check out this link from my friends over at "Christians in Context" for more information about taking FREE classes in a wide variety of religious subjects. Woot!

"Jesus Under Fire"

"Case for the Creator" (or any other Lee Strobel book...)

"Meaning of Jesus" (A debate between NT Wright and Marcus Borg...I believe what NT Wright has to say...just in case your wondering...)


Andrew Faris said...

Of my numerous reactions to this, the one that stands out is that it shouldn't surprise us. My natural reaction (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this) is to want to defend myself, at least in part by slamming Maher and Stewart.

But then I realize that Maher has managed to prove at least one part of the Bible to be true. I think "crazy" is an adequate synonym for "foolish," as in "the cross is foolishness to the Gentiles" (1 Cor. 2-3). Being foolish is part of our job description.

I'm not saying apologetics is a waste of time and I think your pleading response is great. I'm just not surprised.

Carrie Marie said...

Ya. I definitely wanted to slam Maher at first. But then when he admitted to being open to "truth", I was just like, wow, he is seriously being genuine. At least, I believe he is being genuine. Then I just really felt the impact of what he was saying - that religious people don't really know what they believe (obviously not all...).

I mean, how many people know about 1 Cor. saying that the "cross is foolishness"...this scripture alone might make Maher feel better...

I don't know...

But what I do know, is that I love when you comment on my blog! ;)

John Murphy said...

Carrie: The reason that Mr. Maher didn't interview someone who was capable of defending the faith (actually he MIGHT have) is that it wouldn't serve his purposes. Mr. Maher had an agenda and he edited his movie to serve his agenda. He wants faith to appear foolish and stupid so he edited his film to make it appear that way. There are any number of people he could have gone to in order to present a balanced view of "religion," but then that wouldn't have served his purpose.

OBTW, ever run across Junior Jamreonvit at BIOLA? He's marrying my niece. Great guy!

Carrie Marie said...

Hi John -

Thanks for your insightful comments; I appreciate you stopping by.

And yes, I do know Junior. I worked with him at the Fitness Center at Biola. He IS a great guy! And I am excited that he found your niece!