Saturday, October 4, 2008

Let your yes be yes...

Ahaha, when I was writing this title I really wanted to say - "Let your yes be yes, and God will bless." I just couldn't go there. ;)

Anyway, this is the basis of this blog, though I didn't want to go to the "blessed" lengths. 

I have felt challenged lately to let my yes' be yes' and my no's be no's. I so often find myself making plans with a million different people for the same date and time, and I hate it. Plus, I am just a flake anyway, and I always cancel last minute for things because, well, that's just me. But I don't like that part about me. I think I am only this way because I have a lot of friends whom are the same way and we all rub off on each other. 

Today, flakiness occurred, people bailed on me, and I almost bailed on The Union Line show, but decided to pull through, and go to it all by myself - dun dun DUN! (scary music...)

I wasn't sure what to expect because the pictures online showed that this festival that they were playing at had thousands of people at it. I was thinking, crap, there is no way I am ever even going to find them. Well, it wasn't exactly full of thousands, but there were hundreds. But luckily, the good ol' union line took care of their "team mother" (as I like to call myself), and I became a total groupie for the day. I think I am getting too old for this...

They hooked me up with everything I needed, and even a wristband that could get me backstage so I could hang with everyone. As usual, I ended up doing a lot of merch table sitting, which I always love because I love talking to people about how great they are. :) Plus, I had a chance to catch up with my friends from Aushua who were playing their first show since their lead singer, Nate, got out of the hospital. It was sooo good to see them play, and they were just awesome! And of course, The Union Line was amaaaazing. The crowd LOVED them, and I finally got to ride in their big blue van. All in all, it was a great day!

Here is a video of them I found on youtube. They are so cute! Also, this video says their album hasn't come out yet, but IT HAS! Read more about it on Blythe's blog here. 

 If you want to see them live (which you should!), they will be playing at The House of Blues in Anaheim THIS Friday! Be there!

Also, if you are bored...I have been thinking about this Sufjan song a lot lately...think with me, aye?



carissa said...

i've been listening to that song a lot lately - twice today in fact! i think it's sooooo cooooool. i guess i've been in a sufjan mood.

Anonymous said...

Is this post your way of saying you are going to flake on our lunch tomorrow?

...Just joking! See you tomorrow....

And can you bring my Flight of the Conchords DVD? Robbie misses it. ;)

Love Jessie

Carrie Marie said...

Carissa -

That is SOOO weird that you have been listening to that song too! Weird!

Jessie -

I totally forgot to bring the DVD's! Ah! Next time!! Sorry!!!