Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biola Magazine!!!

I have great news!

I just received an email from Biola University Magazine that said they are doing an article on the GodBlog conference (something I WISH I could have gone too...)in the winter issue, and will be featuring some blogs from Biola's staff, faculty, and alumni. I am so blessed because they have chosen mine for an alumni feature!!! How amazing is that?! 

God is so good to me, because I just love my blog...and blogs in general. I am daily encouraged by so many blogs out there, and I just hope that mine can be an encouragement to others as well. 


Anonymous said...

Wow Carrie's blog...you are about to be a star!

Carrie's blog rules! Hee hee....

Love Jessie

blythe said...

woo! way to go!

I love hearing stories about blog recognition.

Anonymous said...

Do us proud, Carrie. Do us proud!


Carrie said...

Thanks everyone!!!