Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bedtime Prayers.

Well, the Normans entrusted me with their kids again for an overnight stay (I know...I am shocked too...). I will blog about the whole day later, but for now I wanted to comment about how I was crying after the kids bedtime prayers. 

Sometimes we can reeeally underestimate little kiddos, but they see and hear SO much! They are so precious. Here is a little intro to them just in case you don't know them:

Elias Kyler is 8 yrs. old
Cadence Mae (left) is 3 yrs. old and Ryah Scout is 5 yrs. old

These kids  have some mighty prayers!

First Cadence started went something like this:
"Dear God, I thank you for my mom and dad, and ummm...ummmm Chris Reinhardt.... ummmm...I pray that you would keep up safe....ummm....thank you for my papa...amen."

Then Ryah:
"Dear Lord, please keep my mom and dad safe when they drive home, and thank you so much for my papa and grandma, and grandpa Hillrich, and Aunt Joyce, and Elias, and Cadence, and Carrie...and thank you that Carrie could watch us Jesus' Name, Amen."

Elias' prayer:
Dear Lord, thank you for this day and everything you gave us. Thank you for everything you have created and given us here on earth. And thank you SOOOO much for all my friends and family, especially for letting Carrie babysit us over these days. Please keep mom and dad safe while they are Jesus' name we all say...AMEN!"

This was totally hysterical because his dad, Chris, always says, "And all God's people say?!"..."Amen!" Elias totally said it in that tone, but he just said, "In Jesus' name we all say?!"..."Amen!" 

So adorable. Tatum is totally right...I am so having like 8 kids. I could totally do it. ;)

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