Friday, September 12, 2008

Yes, Yes, and YES

This is just too good to be true. 


carissa anne said...

the first ten seconds are the best.

blythe said...

hahah no way, 1:50 is when the real moves start up.

I saw this yesterday on my friend Loisa's blog, and totally thought of you. Looks like you found it without my help :)

Carrie Marie said...

Niiice. I found it on another friends post on facebook. It's funny how things get passed around so much at the same time.

And I think the last 10 seconds are the best. :)

Camyron Lee said...
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Camyron Lee said...

Too ridiculous to be true, but I'm definitely going to suggest some coordinated dances for Sunday morning services. I'll just use this video during my pitch to the staff.

I'm a fan of the perfectly timed finish. Anyone notice the amazing guys on the "Truth" Keys?

Anonymous said...

SOOOO awesome.

Yeah, the guy on the TRUTH keys is fantastic! I was wondering if anyone else noticed him, guess someone did. ;)

I don't even have a favorite's all too delicious.

Love Jessie