Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To Donate, or Not To Donate Blood...That is The Question.

I want YOUR opinion, so please give it to me. :)

I have been getting stalked lately, yes, stalked, by the Red Cross. They want my blood. I have that special universal kind, and that's what they love. Here's the dilemma:

I want to give my blood because I want to help other people who need it. They have a huge shortage right now, and I want to help if I can. 

Buuuut, I hate giving blood. Now, I am not scared of needles or blood, or anything like that. I hate giving blood because it is such a pain. The Red Cross people are never really nice. They make you wait FOREVER, even if you have an appointment. The last time I went they asked me to do the special plasma kind of transfusion. I told them no because I was on my way to MY birthday party and I didn't want to be sick. I usually am pretty weak after giving blood, but I didn't want to take any risk that I would feel worse. They guilt tripped me for like 20 minutes until finally I gave in and did it, after they promised that there were no more side effects than what I experience when I normally give blood. Well after it took waaaay longer than expected, I was terribly sick! I got a fever and I almost passed out on my birthday, at my party. It was horrible! I was not very happy with the Red Cross, and I haven't been back since. 

They call and call. I have asked them to take me off their calling lists explaining that the last traumatizing event has caused me to fear giving blood for a while. 

So, I started thinking recently (because they are stalking me every day!)...I should get paid for this! I mean, not only do I have to sit there for over an hour, usually after I get off work, but then I feel sick and weak for the rest of the day. I have worked in the hospital and let me tell you - they charge some big bucks for that blood. But who's getting the money?! Shouldn't the people giving their blood get the money?

If the patients are already paying for the blood, then they should just pay the donor. This way, there will never be blood shortages. Because you and I both know, we would be down there every 4 months giving our blood for an extra fifty-bucks. Right? Opinions??....


jordan sabolick said...

first of all, you need to be getting paid for this. secondly, at least your getting stalked by a corporation instead of a creepfest. lastly, sorry about your past experiences.

carissa anne said...

hm . . . i honestly don't know enough about medical practices and politics to know what/who gets abused and how/when. i don't know why they get the money, and where that money goes, and why i don't get any. so i guess it would depend.

but i rather enjoy donating blood. i've had pretty good experiences. as for the guilt tripping . . . i would hope a polite but unapologetic no, i really don't want to, would be enough! and if not, maybe you should guilt trip them as you lecture on medical ethics. :]

i think you should give, because having universal donor blood (is that AB?) is pretty special. but maybe find yourself a nicer Red Cross location.

StrivingPsalmist said...

I understand the bad experiences, but God gave us this technology for a reason. Type O blood is really useful for people, and it sounds like that's what you have (me too).

Carve out some time to donate soon, and then wait a few months. Don't let them bug you when they call... just tell them you have an appointment to go in soon (one that you set for yourself; but they don't need to know that!).

Personally, I have some weird blood disease called Thallesemia which prevents my blood from being useable, but I'd totally donate if I could.

As far as getting paid; it'd be nice, probably fairer, but really, it's not going to happen. Instead of "donating" it would become "selling" blood, and the medical community likes the money coming in, not going out... Good blog.

Alicia Miller said...

Hi Carrie =)
My personal opinion is that no one should be paid for giving away any part of their body (black market organs, donating sperm or eggs, etc). I think that financial reimbursement for something like blood would make it more difficult to draw the line between that and selling one's kidney. Though it would be nice...

Carrie Marie said...

I'm loving the opinions! Keep 'em coming!!!

Jordan - Thanks for your bluntness. You're hilarious and kind...all at the same time.

Carissa - You're right, maybe there are nicer Red Cross people out there.

Jon - Bummer about Thallesemia, especially because you are so willing to give...and O-Negative. Negative is the universal one, right? ...

Alicia! Glad you are reading my blog, that's awesome! You're awesome! I thought of you while watching the trailer for the new Invisible Children movie because they tackle HIV and AIDS in looks amazing, and it will probably be the topic of my next blog post. And you are right, good thing they don't pay us for organs because I probably would have sold a kidney to fund my education at Biola! :) But seriously, it's kind of weird how they don't charge....just really weird.

Keep your opinions coming friends!!

Andrew Faris said...

If they're offering money for it, take it, then give it to a social justice ministry or church that you would want to have that money. Then you don't have to deal with the "selling your body parts" issue nearly so much. If they want your blood anyway, why not be able to give some money on top?

blythe said...

If you want money, donate bone marrow. Or your eggs.
If you don't want to give blood, don't answer their calls.

I wish I could give blood, but i AM afraid of needles. bleh.
so i signed up as an organ donor, and sleep better at night for knowing i'm going to help someone by dying.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I'm O- too, in case you ever need blood... ha ha!

Robbie has a similar dilemma. He wants to give blood because it is "the right thing to do" but (a) he is afraid of needles and (b) he has had REALLY bad blood-giving experiences too. One time the person looked at his arm and said, "Uh-oh, this is not supposed to do that... I'd better go get someone." He was bruised and sore and swollen for weeks! That's only one story of his. He ultimately stopped giving. He decided that if they want his blood that badly, they should take better care of him. And we moved so that's how we got out of the constant stream of calls from the blood bank. ;)

And I just plain don't want to! So I don't! ;)

Love Jessie