Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lucky Girl.

Tonight was so crazy. Actually, my weekend has been quite crazy. 

Drive all the way out to LA to see The Union Line play for their CD release show. We all got caught up in talking outside, and the next thing we know the place is filled to capacity and we can't even get in! It was totally ridiculous, and I feel horrible for dragging out friends to the show they never saw. Ugh. On the brighter side, I picked up TUL's new album, and enjoyed it all day Saturday. 

Realize that I left my computer charger in Melissa's car, and not being so bright, decide to tell her to stick it in the bushes at the church for me to get Sunday morning. Eventually I realized that the sprinklers are probably going to come on. I frantically try to get a hold of people who will know if the sprinklers will come on, or someone to go get it out of the grass. Ultimately, I end up driving all the way out to the church to get it, realize that Jono and Simone are there working on a video anyway, grab the charger, and decide to get some pie with Camyron. 

This is where the lucky part comes in...

My weekend full of un-lucky events, ends in the most luckiest of all events. 

I am walking out of Coco's (after talking to Camyron for two whole hours) trying to find my keys in my purse, when I realize that they are not there. I realize that I think I left them on my car. Oh my goodness. I frantically run outside to see if my car is still there, and luckily, there it was, keys and all, just sitting there waiting for their mama to come get them. Camyron is laughing at me of course, especially because that is totally something she would do, not me. I guess she rubbed off on me in that moment. 

And now onto the un-lucky's 1am, and I am waking up at 7am. Greeeeat. 

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Camyron Lee said...

Psh, oh yesss losing your keys is SO unlike you! You are just as ridiculous as myself, admit it!