Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do you miss my voice?

For all my far off distant friends, you can listen to it here for a bit...and then correct all my "ummm's" and "like's"...I was too comfortable that night. I need a speech professional to train me! Ah! ;) Because I do want to say, the "umm's" and "like's" aren't that big of a problem for me...I don't know what happened...

I taught the high school kids at my church a few weeks ago and my "tough question" was - "How do you have a pure relationship?" I came up with some "ABC's" for a pure relationship - 
A = Accountability
B = Boundaries
C = Commitment to God

But even through all my umm's and like's, I felt the Spirit lead me to an "altar call" at the end of the message. God helped me with the words, and three young people gave their lives to the Lord that night! I am daily amazed at how God can use this broken and sinful vessel (myself). 

I love teaching. I have a lot of work to do to refine this "love", and I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach on various occasions.


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I used to go to Nordstrom Rack a lot up in the BA; there was one close to my home up there... and I went on a missions trip to a homeless shelter for a weekend 3 years ago. Does any of that count? I'd love to work at an awesome church and be an orange county resident at some point soon too... know any cool churches in the area? hahaha