Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day at The Getty

I spent a lovely day at the Getty on Saturday, with good friends - AJ, Stefanie, Camyron, and Jon - and we had a great time!

It was my first time at the museum, and I had no idea that so much beauty could all be wrapped into one little (FREE!) place. I was very motivated to get out more. I told Camy, "You know, there has to be a reason people want to vacation in Southern California." 

I have lived in So Cal my whole life, but I don't think I have ever really enjoyed it. Sometimes I want to move away to a big city like DC or Chicago, just so I can see new things. Well, there are new things all around me here too! I just need to find them! I want to be more dedicated to doing fun things on my days off. I am so committed to this dedication, that I am even making a new label for my blog - "So-Cal Adventures". Hopefully that label will fill up with fun stories and great adventures!!

I highly recommend taking a trip to the Getty if you've never been. From the little tram ride, to the free umbrella's, it's a lovely place to go with friends, on a hott date, or an afternoon alone. 
Enjoy the pictures!


carissa said...

yes! explore! so cal has a lot to offer if you're willing to brave traffic, and being a tourist in your own backyard is fun. yeah, this is my commercial for the motherland. :]

Anonymous said...

The Getty is one of me and Rob's FAVORITE date places!! And it's free!!! Yay!!!

Yeah, it's so pretty, and just awesome. I love the gardens outside and the furniture room!

Love Jessie

P.s. Still waiting for you to call back..... :(

Camyron Lee said...

you know that painting I took a bunch of photos of because my sis' had it in her house?
Can you send those to me, and upload them onto a photbucket so I can see them all! I want to see all the amazing examples of my photog skills;)

Stefanie Bammer said...

I second that the The Getty is AMAZING!!

Count me in on all your new adventures!!! :-)

MARITZA said...

what the crap.. are you guys all trying to be little tita and bethany's with this fish eye??? ;) by the way who the frick is that guy?!??! nobody is allowed to join our group if i dont know them

Bethany Pee said...

i keep thinking that's pierce... is this another pierce?