Monday, September 8, 2008


I just think it is really strange that right around election time, the oil prices decrease, so we can buy our gas for cheaper prices. Then all the Republican party talks about is drilling in America so we can keep our prices down like this. I must admit, even I have fallen for this! I hate paying high prices for gas!

But I realized something...they are probably just lying! Gas prices are going to go up again as soon as (if) McCain gets elected, and I will go back to hating my car even more. I got 2 tickets and 1 flat tire last week, after already paying about $100 in gas money (in one week alone!). My entire pay checks seem to go towards my car lately. So annoying. 

Sarah Palin is great. She really is. I love her. I want to be her. I love that her being elected VP will help me, as a woman, have the ability to succeed even more in a political realm (if I ever wanted to do that). 

But I just keep thinking about the last 8 years; they were kind of crummy. And I keep thinking about all the issues that were never brought up at the RNC; it was just a bash fest. 

Time for a change?


Andrew Faris said...

It's not a conspiracy- it's supply and demand. A couple thoughts:

1) Let's say the Republicans wanted gas prices to decrease so that they could get re-elected. How would they do that? There is no magic lever in the white house that can make that happen.

2) The reason prices are going down is the same reason they went up: supply and demand. This is why windfall profits taxes and the like are bad ideas- it over-complicates the issue. Americans drive a lot and public transportation in many places (e.g. the L. A. area where you and I live) is atrocious. We also tend not to use it because it's way easier to get in our cars and drive ourselves. We also don't conserve gas by driving slower, keeping our tires filled with air, taking heavy stuff out of our trunks, make a point of carpooling, and most importantly, we buy SUV's because they are cool, safe, or whatever else, despite that they guzzle gas.

So oil companies, being the businesses that they are, see that we use a ton of gas and that there is nothing we can do about our almost entirely self-inflicted gas-addiction. And since they're businesses, their number one goal is to make money (as an aside, this does not make them evil- it makes them a business just like every other business). So what do they do? They charge us more for gas. Why? Because they know that we'll pay it.

Why did gas prices go from 2 to 3 then all the way to 4 dollars? Simple: because we kept paying for it.

That is, until about a year ago. I heard a stat about a month ago now that said that over the previous 9 months, Americans had driven 53 billion less miles than they did the previous year. And you know what magically happened? Gas prices started dropping, because apparently the suppliers realized that the demanders weren't quite as willing to fork over that money anymore.

On top of all that, every car company now advertises more about their gas mileage than their enormous sizes, safety features, or interior space because everybody is running out and buying Prius's and the like. GMC might even stop making Hummers because no one is willing to buy them anymore with the price of gas so high.

On top of all of that, oil companies are crapping themselves because all anyone (including automakers) want now is renewable and clean energy and are pushing to get that happening in cars. When that happens, oil companies will have to get themselves involved in that (I know for sure that ExxonMobil is doing so now) or die. And it's happening. One way for them to buy some time? Bring gas prices down so that everyone stops rushing so much.

Put simply: gas prices go up because we'll pay for it. Now that we've stopped paying for it so much, gas prices are going down.

Which goes to show you that if consumers will be smart, they have all the power- not businesses. But typically we are not very smart.

This is also why limited government and lower taxes is better for the economy as a whole. But that's for another comment that's too long!

And by the way Carrie: you totally rule.


Carrie Marie said...

If only I knew you would get so fired up, I would write more about politics on my blog Mr. Faris. ;)

Supply and demand...that's just what they want you to think...hence the word - "conspiracy". They totally have access to that lever in the white house...they are the most powerful people in the world! Come on! ;)

And by the way, YOU rule! Except, you never called me back...

carissa anne said...

i don't think the White House has THAT much control. even if they do, lower gas prices make ME think, 'well, they're going down all by themselves, so maybe we don't need to drill'. it might be a conspiracy, but much more likely one based in the private rather than public/political sector.

but be happy you don't live in Chicago then. gas prices are even HIGHER here.

Andrew Faris said...

Oh Carrie- I'm not fired up in an angry way. This is just something I've been frustrated about in general because I feel like politicians (frankly esp. the Democrats) are preying on the general lack of public knowledge on how stuff like this works.

It all fits in with the general human sinful tendency to blame others instead of ourselves. If gas prices are high, how come those politicians out there in the white house won't fix it for us? That kind of mentality frustrates me.

NB: I'm not trying to be condescending either- just forthright. I think no less of you for this post.

Carrie Marie said...

Carissa -

Exaaactly...the private people have the power, and the private people are the politicians running the country! :)

Andrew -

I didn't think you were fired up in a mad no no. This is why I hate emails and texting a lot of the times, because usually the look on my face is like all happy and laughing as I am typing you a reply - hence the ;) - If you read this tonight, I am going to sleep early...I will call ya tomorrow. But thanks for calling me back...though I really just wanted to talk to your father! ;)

blythe said...

2 tickets??

Anonymous said...

Seriously! You got two tickets? What happened?

Yes tickets do add to the expensiveness and annoyingness of cars!! Wow, I just made up two new words!

I personally feel like I don't know what is going to happen in the next few years--will there be more drilling? Will car companies stop making as many SUVs? Will Americans finally fix up and use public transportation? Will the gas prices ultimately go up or down? It's such a strange, pivotal time for America, and I have trouble deciding where to swing my support because honestly, no one is able to offer me any real assurance of what will happen. So I am just all confused and indecisive!! Anyone else??

Love Jessie

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I don't know you but thank you for your clear and knowledgeable comments here. Sorry, Carrie, but I have to agree with Andrew, it's not a conspiracy. It's part of the human tendency to spend ourselves into a frenzy and then blame someone else for our "problems". This is what I hate so much about Obama's rhetoric. He preys on our baser human instincts, telling us our lives are horrible and that he can fix 'em for us. He gives us pity when what we need is respect, and assumes we're too stupid to question the facts behind his rhetoric. Even worse, I fear the citizens of this country have forgotten how to see the facts behind his shameless appeal to our emotions.
That said, there have certainly been plenty of problems over the past 8 years and I am looking forward to change. I just don't think Obama can give us the change we need.
You already know how I feel about Palin, she rocks! I'll be excited to vote for her this november, and McCain just comes along as a matter of course. He hit it out of the park with Palin.