Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alkaline Cleansing?

So, there are these 2 gals who go to my church, and I had dinner with them the other night (thanks for cooking Melissa!). Right away I noticed there was something different about these girls, because they brought everything that were planning on consuming! They had these bottles of water, and tupperware full of organic food. They explained that they only eat organic, and try to keep it to alkaline foods, including their water. The told us how they have this special filter which makes your water alkaline, and not acidic. I was skeptical at first, feeling like I was listening to a scam, but then I became intrigued. They are completely convinced that they will not get cancer because of this special water they drink and alkaline diet. Plus, they are just healthier all around.

Well, I thought, what the heck? I might as well try this thing. So I went to Mother's Market (which I am kind of loving even more than Trader Joe's right now), and bought my poly carbon water bottles, and all natural pills of some sort (they don't believe in taking supplements of any kind), and tonight I am going to head over to their house to fill up my bottles with their "miracle" water as I am going to start calling it.

I told them I was stoked about this because I was definitely planning on blogging the process. That way, if it flops, the whole world will know. ;)
So for the next couple of weeks, I am going to head over to their house every 2 days (because the water expires after 2 days), and fill up my water bottles. For the first week, I am not really going to change my diet and see how the water effects me. Then for the second week, I am going to change my diet to an alkaline based diet (See chart below), and monitor those results. If all goes well, then I am investing in an Alkaline machine. Please let me know if you have heard of this at all, sketchy or not sketchy...I want to hear your thoughts.


carissa said...

okay, i haven't taken biology since high school. also, i've never heard of this before. but here are some immediate observations:

1. water shouldn't be acidic OR alkaline. water is by definition neutral (pH 7). (if it were acidic, you'd know because it would taste sour and nasty.)

2. your stomach is very acidic during digestion, and your small intestine is neutralizing and then quite alkaline. both are natural.

3. i googled "alkaline diet" and for the first few pages of results, all the websites were .com, many had silly names and most were trying to sell something.

4. does the chart mean that those foods ARE acidic/alkaline, or that they make your body "be" acidic/alkaline? if the former, it's wrong about a lot of those. (most foods we eat are somewhat acidic, water and milk being notable exceptions.) if it's the latter, your digestive tract and bloodstream are really, really good at regulating their own pH and chemistry; if they weren't you'd already be sick or dead.

5. have you seen those new commercials about high fructose corn syrup? they go kind of like this:
"ew, candy? you know what they say about high fructose corn syrup..."
"no, what do they say?"
"uh... well... you know..." [awkward silence]
this seems kind of like that. i have to say that chart seems arbitrary. the stuff on the "bad" side is all the stuff that people like my crazy uncle say are bad, and on the "good" side is typical fruity health nut food. (i LIKE fruity health nut food, don't get me wrong.) p.s. my uncle believes things like, "since honey is natural it doesn't have calories." this chart COULD have been made by people like him.

6. artificial sweeteners are a bad idea in general, but there are plenty of reasons for this besides alleged "acidity." :D

hm . . . so i guess you know what i think. i hope that doesn't burst your bubble. but like i said, i've never heard this before, so i'm open to being proven wrong!

MARITZA said...

freaking carrie! I'm glad you're going to do this. i hope you cut out that diet coke crap and start using stevia as your sweetener for everything. that stuff is so good. my favourite kind is the vanilla liquid stevia. oh when you come up here.. you should bring me some:D.. i cant get to a whole foods around here.. too far..

Anonymous said...

Oh're so nutty...

And so not calling me back...

Love Jessie

blythe said...

i heard about this from those girls too- and looking at the chart and talking to them always just makes me feel guilty about it.
the way i see it, there are certain things we know aren't good for our bodies: fake sugar, soda, white sugar even, red meat, and so on. so i try not to eat that stuff. so whyyy should i feel guilty for eating cranberries?! what happened to the glories of antioxidants?

it's always something.

and i refuse to give up cheese.
i don't see how that can be acidic anyway.