Saturday, August 23, 2008

This One's For Dr. Witherington

Okay. So, Dr. Ben Witherington is one of my favorite theologians and authors. I love reading his stuff, and using all of his books as my sources for everything I do. You know when you just find that author where everything they write you just "get it". Well it's like that for the late George Ladd, and Ben Witherington for me. 

The other cool thing about Dr. Witherington is that he blogs. And his blogs aren't always these deep ideas that take a million years to read, sometimes they are just pictures of his family, or golfing in Scotland. It's awesome. And it's also AWESOME how he responds to people when they leave comments. I mean, it's not everyday that you can converse with a famous guy (in my dorky world that is...). For you, this may be like conversing with the "Jonas Brothers", or Jennifer Gardner. 

Well, the other day, Dr. Witherington posted on his blog his top 10 concerts that he has been too. I know, awesome right? I read it, immediately was in the mood for Eric Clapton, and thought to myself, "wow, Dr. Witherington is the coolest theologian ever", so I wrote him that thought. 

To my surprise, he wrote me back, thanking me for the kind comment, but then proceeded to talk about my love for Radiohead. For a second there, I thought that he was a good friend of mine, but quickly realized that he must have actually looked at my blog to discover my love for Radiohead. That is enough in itself to feel awesome. But then, not only does he acknowledge my existence, but he calls me out because Radiohead songs have some "four-letter" words in them. Oh. my. gosh. How embarassing. If Dr. Matt Williams (one of my former professor's) ever reads this, he will probably be shaking his head at me. 

Now, Dr. Witherington asked me what my top 10 concerts have been. Well, honestly, I think I am still too young to have experienced ten amazing concerts (no offense to you Dr. Witherington...), so I will have to settle for giving my top five (up until this point in my life). 

#5 - Death Cab For Cutie: At a Private Paul Frank Christmas Party, Irvine, California
  • My friend Hannah invited me to her roomies Christmas Party for the designer "Paul Frank". It was an awesome party. It was held over by Wild Rivers in Irvine on the land that used to be a zoo (or so I heard...). There was free food, drinks, carnival rides, elephant rides!, a club, and best of all - a free, exclusive, 1000 person, Death Cab Show. This was all I really cared about and so we got there early and stood right in front. It was awesome, and I could literally see Ben Gibbard's nose hairs. I have seen Death Cab again since this awesome party, but nothing can even compare to seeing them in a venue like this. 
#4 - Arcade Fire
  • Seeing Arcade Fire was an experience. It was a concert like I had never seen before. With all the instruments they use, and all the people playing on stage, I didn't know where to look. This concert was shared with John Krutsinger and Chris Reinhardt. Our seats were okay (as we have gotten used to being on the floor and close). The people behind me wouldn't let me stand during they show because they wanted to sit, so that was a bummer. How could you not stand during that show? Seriously? All in all, I decided that I officially wanted Arcade Fire to play at my wedding, and I am hoping that will happen one day. 
#3 - Radiohead: Embarcadero, San Diego, California
  • Finally, my first time seeing Radiohead was at the amazing, outside, on the bay, venue - The Embarcadero. This concert was shared with (I hope I don't forget anyone) Adam Sabolick, Chris Reinhardt, Chris Madson, The Myers Clan, Stefanie, am I totally forgetting people? Anyway, Adam and Chris R. got there suuuper early so that we could get to the front of the stage. Well, that worked out just fine until the concert started and then we couldn't move because the thousands of people behind us squeezed in. It was pretty scary, and not fun. I proceeded to yell, "I'm gunna barf", as I proceeded out of the middle of the thousands, and made my way to the side where I made new hippie friends and enjoyed the show dancing the night away. I never wanted to leave. And basically, my life has just been on pause, and will "play" again this Sunday. ;)
#2 - Travis: The House of Blues, Anaheim, California
  • I know you might be thinking, "How did Travis make the #2 slot, and not Radiohead"? Well, I will tell you - Seeing Travis in this intimate venue reeeally made the show awesome. Again, we got there early and made our way to the front of the stage. We were just so close. This concert was shared with: Chris Reinhardt, John Krutsinger, Brian Asbill, Stefanie Bammer, Blythe Hill, Erin McLaughlin, and Pam Hyle (I think Adam Sabolick came too...didn't he see Phil Wickham???). This show was so good, that when security realized I had snuck my camera in, I just gave it to them. They actually wanted me to leave the concert to go check it in outside. Ya. right. There was no way I was going anywhere. I told the lady, "Just take it, it's not worth missing one song...this is a once in a lifetime camera can be replaced." She seriously thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. After she left, all the people around me (strangers) were like, "Wow, that was awesome!" I did feel pretty cool in that moment. Not a lot of people know about "Travis"...the band...but you should know. So go buy their CD's, right now. 
#1 - Coldplay: Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Irvine, California... in the PIT!
  • This is the best concert I have ever been to because it was also just one of the best days I have ever had. I re-tell this story numerous times during the year because it was just so awesome. Back in 2005 (I know, that's insane!), a bunch of us went to see Coldplay. Who shared the experience? - Chris Reinhardt, Stefanie Bammer, Hannah Philebar, Adam Sabolick, Myers Clan, Erin McLaughlin, Lisa Salas (and another Redlands friend...). Anyway, we got there early so that when the doors opened we could run up on the lawn (which is aaaall the way on the top) so we could be in the center and front of the lawn. We were stoked. We are super excited to just be there, even if we had nosebleed seats. We brought all of our blankets and were ready to camp out for the night. We commissioned Hannah and Adam to start running when the gates opened so that they could get to the top first. As soon as they left, we realized that they didn't have their cellular devices, so we had no way to contact them. It took us all about an hour to even see them again. We shopped around and got some tee-shirts and waited for them to let us go onto the lawn (apparently the stopped letting people). As we were walking towards Hannah and Adam (after they finally let us in), they were jumping up and down and screaming at us. We couldn't hear anything they were saying and we were just giving them thumbs up like, "ya, great job, you got the middle of the lawn." All of a sudden we saw Reinhardt (who was ahead of some of us) start freaking out and jumping on Adam, tackling him to the ground. Then they started jumping up and screaming at us. At this point I am totally confused thinking to myself, "why are they so's just the center of the lawn." Finally we make our way down there and they are all yelling, "WE GOT PIT PASSES!!!!!!!!" I seriously don't think I have ever experienced such a happy moment in my life. It was truly glorious. But all of our excitement started to subside when we realized that we only had 7 passes for 10 people. *I just realized that I don't know if I should post this story online...I really don't want to get fined or something...well, it's not like we broke the law, so I think we are good.* So anyway, luckily, only 8 people wanted to go, and 2 wanted to stay on the lawn (thank you for your selfless act). Automatically we give a pass to Adam and Hannah since they got them. Oh, by the way, they got them from KROQ because the KROQ people saw how excited they were to be on the awesome is that?! Thanks KROQ! So that left us with 5 passes for 6 people. Who was going to be the sacrificial lamb? Well, of course, with my luck, I ended up being the sacrificial lamb, but only after we devised a plan to slip one of the wristbands off of Stefanie, while the boys would proceed to bring it back up to me. So really, Stefanie was a sacrificial lamb as well, because she could have easily been kicked out. I can't explain to you how difficult it was to watch all 7 of my friends leave and go running up to the stage, hugging each other, and jumping up and down, while I sat all the way up on the lawn with 2 people who I barely knew. It was horrible. I must have texted Reinhardt about a million times during the opening band, reminding him that I would never speak with him again if this plan failed. Could you imagine?! Me, stuck up there during the whole would be horrific! Later on I found out that my text messages were making Reinhardt a little nervous, and he said that the plan had to work or it would be the end to our friendship (on my part). I am glad he took me so seriously. ;) Finally, during the intermission, the plan was in motion. I met the boys halfway down and they slipped the wristband over my hand. It was a perfect fit...we were ready to go. It ended up being a piece of cake as we slipped by security without them even glancing our way, and I was finally down there. I mean, we were in the front of the front. You could not get any closer to Chris Martin. The concert was amaaaaaazing. We caught a whole bunch of stuff from the band, but the coolest treasure of them all was a disposable camera with pictures of the band from backstage, and one glorious picture of our WHOLE group in the audience (the band took it of us). How awesome is that?!
    One of the shots we got of Chris Martin

    This is one of Chris Martin with the disposable camera in his hand

    This is another one that Reinhardt photo shopped himself into...
    he is dressed up as "dad" for "geek golf"

    I have more pictures...I just need to get a hold of them to post them...
It was the perfect ending to an amazing summer (as Reinhardt said to me...houseboat summer, woot.) 

So, that's my list Dr. Witherington. I almost never listen to music with foul language in it, but that would be like me saying I can't look at beautiful art (like the stuff posted in your most recent blog) because they are naked. Which, I know is a sensitive subject as well, but you and I both know that some of the most classic art we have are of bodies in the nude, and, unfortunately, some of the best music (music...not lyrics...) out there have some foul language in it. This is truly a shame (that we can't find ways to express ourselves without cussing), but God did create music and people with musical ability...God did give us a little thing we like to call "common grace"...soooo

...who knows if these are good arguments. I just love Radiohead...hate the bad words...but love Radiohead. 

I hope you enjoyed my list, and I hope you see Radiohead live one day...because they are awesome live. 

Some Runners-Up:
Ray Lamontagne

...just not good enough to make the list though...and probably will never make the top 10 list. 


Ben Witherington said...

Howdy Carrie: Well that post made my day.... you are way coool.... as we would say in N.C.



Anonymous said...

Wow Carrie, Ben Witherington commented on your blog!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Carrie, you met the lead singer of Radiohead?? you'd better blog that story!!!!!


carissa anne said...

i have to tell you that i'm not sure i buy your "nudity is to art as swearing is to music" thing, since i don't find the human body itself profane... but i suppose that SOMETIMES 'profane' language can be used 'appropriately.' yes, lots of quotation marks... as you said, it's for another time.

but anyway, great post! now maybe i'm going to copy you copying ben witherington the third and post my favorites on my blog. memories... (cue horrible song).

Carrie Marie said...

Dr. Witherington! Thanks for stopping by! Now I am the coolest person ever! ;)

Jessie - That story is coming, but I need to let this one sit for a few days...

Carissa - You are right with what you say, and I would like to keep this conversation going. I also look forward to your list!

Anonymous said...

God created the body naked, but did he creat cuss words? Yes, Carrie, your "old" professor would be shaking his head. :) There is power in words, so when a group uses words that would offend our Lord, can the music be "good"? For me, I want to "think on" good things when I awake in the morning...what helps me to do that? The answer to that question is key.

Carrie Marie said...

Dr. that you?.... ;)

You are right (whoever you are)...I want to think on good things too.

Fernando Ortega, here I come!

Benjamin Camp said...

The meaning of words are defined by context. That is interpretation 101. I do not see how it even makes sense to create a set of words which have some sort of ontological status as "cuss" words. This category will always be nebulous and arbitrary based on current cultural sensibilities. And to root our moral reasoning in the cultural sensibilities of our day seems dangerous to me, as well as certainly not Christian. The issue is not simply a word, but the text that lies behind our words. Words are tools and can be used in various ways. Tools can neither be inherently bad or good. It is how we use these tools that is the important thing. These are a few short and incomplete thoughts to maybe help move this conversation forward.

Carrie Marie said...

Ben Camp! Niiiiice....