Friday, August 29, 2008

Meeting Thom Yorke

Gosh, I have been busy lately. It's been almost a week since I last blogged, and for that, I apologize. 

Most of you might know already that I had the honor of meeting the famous Thom Yorke, whom, is the lead singer for a band called "Radiohead". I have been a fan of Radiohead for a looong time. I remember when I was 12 years old and I was listening to Radiohead and Nirvana, side by side. So I was truly "star-struck" when I saw him, and am now forever changed. 

The story begins with just another night at a rock concert. I had been looking forward to attending my second Radiohead show for many months (as you can recall on a few blogs of mine back...), and this show was even better because my ticket had been paid by the very giving Christopher Reinhardt as a graduation present (thank you very much Chris!). There were 8 of us who went to the show, but we had to split up into groups of 4 (kind of a bummer...), and our group of 4 had pretty lousy seats. We were so high (as in length...), that I overheard a woman exclaim, "Oh my gosh! My nose is bleeding!" as she climbed her way up to our section. I seriously laughed for a minute straight because I had never put that phrase together as something you could say while sitting in the "nosebleed" section. Apparently I need to get out more. 

I didn't mind being so high (again...vertically...), because at the last show I was so close I could practically touch Thommy, and now being so far back, I could finally see the entire light show (it's pretty awesome). The show ended and I was amazed; truly amazed. The set list was ten times better than the last time I had seen them. It was waaay more relaxed, or "emo", as I called it, which is my favoooorite kind of Radiohead. So, it was just stellar. 

Shake it...

After we realized there would be no more encore's, we (Stefanie, Camyron, Pierce and I) decided to wait out the huge crowds. So we just chilled for a bit, wondering where the rest of our friends went (they should have stayed with us....). Eventually, everyone was pretty much cleared out and we were kicked out by security. As we started to exit, Pierce told us that we should exit to the left because the street is right there which would enable us to avoid the millions of flights of stairs. We trusted him of course, but as we went to the left we were stopped by a security guy. The security guy tried convincing us that that was not an exit and that Pierce had never exited that way before. We were all confused, but then we just started hassling him a bit, asking him if he was lying to us. Finally after about 3 minutes of this, he was like, "Fine, go to the left." We had won the battle. 

We had won the battle, but we thought our only prize was going to be less stairs. Little did we know that God had so much more planned for us. We approached the secret exit and visited the restrooms. After which we were walking out to our car when we approached about 20-25 people waiting at a gate in front of a door which said, "Performer Entrance", or "Musical Entrance"...something like that. We came up to the people standing there and made a commitment to stand there for at least an hour in hopes to meet someone from the band. Well we only had to wait about 10 minutes before Phil (Radiohead's drummer) made his way out and signed everything put in front of him, and took pictures with everyone as well. The four of us wanted a picture and as we tried to take one with Stef's camera, it kept on dying. We must have stood there for at least a minute striking our pose, hoping that the strangers around us would be able to figure it out. But our efforts were lost, and the camera was dead. Luckily, there was a hero right next to us who came up and took a picture of us with his own camera. He was definitely at an odd angle, but you can still see Phil up on the left there. Thank you to our hero Isaac for emailing us the pictures. All of the other one's posted on here are from him as well. 

So as Phil went back inside we were so stoked. We thought that would be it, and we were satisfied. We waited around for another 5 minutes and then a Radiohead security guard came out and told us that when Thom comes out, we are not allowed to take any pictures at all. I was like, "Excuse me...did you just say that Thom was going to come out?!!!" I couldn't even believed it. People started freaking out telling everyone around them to put their camera's away or they would be massacred. And then it happened...Thom Yorke came walking out of that special door. 


You could hear a pin drop at that moment. Everyone was in shock. 

Everyone that is, except for Pierce. Apparently the only thing that shocked Pierce was how short Thom was. Pierce was so shocked by this, he decided it would be smart to say, in the silence, "Wow! He's a little guy isn't he?!!" 

The whole crowd just turned toward Pierce with this look like "What. the. heck. did. you. just. say.?" Stef, Camy, and I were just like, "Ohhh man...ohhh man" as we shook our heads. Never a dull moment with Pierce around. 

Anyone, we all met Thom, and he signed all of our stuff, and our new friend Isaac broke the whatever...
It was definitely one of the best moments of my life to meet him, and I finally broke my silence by muttering nervously to Thom as he walked by and signed my ticket, "Thom...thank you so much for signing me're such an inspiration...your music is so amazing...thank you so much Thom...thank you so much..."

I am such a nerd. 

We walked away and I proceeded to call Jordan and tell him what had happened. He didn't believe me so I just hung up on him. Then I called Reinhardt and told him what happened...he could barely believe it either. Well, I could barely believe it happened!

It was just so great how everything had happened. God had planned it so perfectly. I was thinking about all the things that could have interfered in the way of that happening. 

#1 - Pierce wasn't supposed to go to the show...he filled in for John. If we would have went with John, two things would have happened. One, he wouldn't have wanted to wait for the crowds to clear, and two, he wouldn't have known to exit to the left. 

#2 - If we would have met up with everyone right when the show ended, they wouldn't have wanted to wait for the crowds to clear, and would have forced us to feel compelled to leave as well. 

I am just so glad we were so chill and relaxed the whole night. We had such a good time and just went with the flow of the night, and was rewarded with the best gift meet Thom Yorke. What a blessing. And yes, meeting Thom does deserve it's own blog label. :)

On the next Blog: Why God cares about Social Justice Issues. Looking forward to writing about it again...


StrivingPsalmist said...

OK, I'm DEFINITELY hearing more about this on Sunday.

Camyron Lee said...

OH and guess what...


Twas truly amazing.

blythe said...

i love your face in that group pic.

and, way to go pierce.