Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCain and a pro-choice VP?

Oh this is surprising. 

This just in from Justin Taylor's blog:

"NR has learned that the McCain campaign has been calling key state GOP officials around the country the last couple of days and sounding them out about the consequences of a pro-choice VP pick. The campaign is asking about the reaction of conservative grass-roots activists to such a pick and whether a pro-choicer can be sold to them. This is an indication that the McCain campaign is serious about the possibility of a pro-choice VP nominee and that McCain leaving the door open to Tom Ridge last week may not have been merely a friendly nod to a longtime supporter. In this scenario, McCain's emphatic pro-life statements Saturday night and his pledge that he'll run a "pro-life administration" would have been partly an attempt to reassure conservatives in the event of a pro-choice pick."

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Anonymous said...

WOW...this sucks. If this is true, who is left for us to vote for? Who will represent all the pro-lifers of the world? Grrr...