Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend Linkage

  • The Union Line is playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim tomorrow with two of my other fave's - "Aushua", and "Cavil at Rest". It should be an amazing show, and you should definitely be there. Some of us are carpooling over at 7pm, call me up if you wanna ride!
  • Obama is annoying me right now. As I said before, I will not vote for him in this upcoming election, but I always kind of liked the guy...until now...I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but I don't even think Obama can speak Spanish...(see link for context). John, you know who you are - I hate to say it...but every day that I wake up, the more I agree with where you are coming from. Ah! ;)
  • Holocaust Siblings are reunited after 66 years a part...beautiful. 
  • Andrew Faris has been doing a great job reviewing a book he (and I!) is reading. Check all of them out on his blog.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have gotten a free slurpee on 7-11 day before...not this year cuz there are no 7-11s on Maui...but yeah. They give you a little tiny cup, smaller than the smallest slurpee cup. But hey, free is free. Enjoy one for me!


Carrie Marie said...

Jessie! Aloha!
Yes, I did get a free slurpee today, so take THAT all you doubters in the world! My friend Maritza and I just stood there and kept refilling those little cups, so I hate about 3 little for you, one for me, and another for me. Yay for 7-11!

Anonymous said...

so what are your reasons for not wanting to vote for obama? does that mean u want to vote for mccain?
im just curious because im planning on voting for obama more for environmental reasons...

Carrie Marie said...

Do I have a mysterious reader reading my blogs...or am I talking to someone I know?

Environmental reasons aye? I will get back to you...

Andrew Faris said...

Funny story about Cavil at Rest: I had a crappy band in high school called ChampionUpright. Seriously, we sucked. We only ended up playing two actual shows, and the first one was at a coffee shop that we cleared out and it was with Cavil at Rest. At that time the lineup looked relatively different (Ryan was certainly not going to be doing any singing, for one thing), and it was their first show too.

So should Cavil at Rest ever make it huge, they can thank ChampionUpright since both of our first shows ever were together.

And thanks for the link and the kind words. I finally finished that book and will give it one final review in the next couple days.

Carrie Marie said...

Andrew -
Thanks for stopping by! I miss you friend! Hopefully I will see you this Thursday at the Plantation. Anyway, I did enjoy your story about know everyone ;)
Next time I need to call you up and invite you to these musical would love The Union Line.

Speaking of T.U.L. - They did AMAZING last night! If you weren't there, you totally missed out!

And also, I DID receive a free slurpee on ha!