Monday, July 28, 2008

VBS Week O' Fun!

This week our church is filled with the sounds of little children having an amazing race of a time! Vacation Bible School is off to a great start as we "travel" around the world, hopefully to come away with more knowledge about God and His Word. This is my first VBS that I can be a part of full time, and I am so blessed to be able too. Every year I am always working, or busy with something which has forced me to not have the privilege of helping, and specifically, being a teacher of a class. Finally, since I work full-time at the church, I am able to help in many ways. I was able to help write and direct the skit, set up the stage and sanctuary for all the kids, and teach the 4th and 5th grade class. I have never been much of a children's ministry person, but the more I spend time with all of those precious little ones, the more that I love to help. 

More pictures to come later....

2 Precious things that happened with little ones this week:

One, on Sunday during the last 4 songs of worship, a mother brought her little baby into the sanctuary. She must have been maybe 10-12 months old (right before the age where she could walk). The mom was holding here facing the stage, and she was able to see some of the people lifting their hands as they worshipped. But there only must have been maybe 2 or 3 people lifting their hands at that point. Well this little baby either saw their hands, or was just compelled by the Spirit of God, to lift her hands as well. I really cannot explain to you what I saw, but I have never in my life seen something so precious. I wish I would have had my camera. She literally lifted her hands almost the entire worship set, and was fully paying attention. It was truly incredible. I started thinking about how people always say that babies are able to see the angels because they will just look at the ceiling and giggle and stuff, and I truly began to wonder if this baby was watching angels lift their hands in worship in our midst, because if she was copying people, there just weren't a lot of people to copy from. I started to imagine a whole herd of angels just at their feet was a beautiful time of worship for me. 

Second, today as we were in our bible story time during VBS, one of the little boys gave his life to the Lord. Aubree was reading from Ephesians about how we can do nothing to receive salvation from the Lord, because it is a gift from God. The game we played beforehand tied in so perfectly, and when this little boy finally realized that salvation was a gift if he believed in Jesus, he was delighted. He didn't jump for joy, or shout out that he believed, but you could just see it on his face that he finally understood! So at the end, Aubree told the kids that if they made a decision to follow Christ, that they should go to the back and write their name on a piece of paper. They could also write prayer requests. Two kids got up and wrote prayer requests for (1) A grandpa with cancer, and (2) An uncle and "ant" who don't know Jesus, and then at the end when we were leaving, the little boy who gave his life to the Lord ran over to the table, wrote his name on a piece of paper, and put it in the basket very satisfied. It was so precious. 

This past week has been just crazy busy. I have been really tired, and working a lot of overtime. But yesterday, God was just really speaking to me. After we were done with our skit rehearsal, one of the students was praying and he was reminding us that we are doing this all for the Lord, and nothing else. His prayer really put my mind back into the right perspective. Before his prayer, I kind of had a snotty attitude, and just kept thinking of myself - how could I get out of here faster, how could I make my job easier, how could I take care of my needs first? But then my mind went to Philippians 2, and I also thought of Jesus washing His disciples feet. I was reminded that Jesus did not come to BE served, but He came TO serve. I was reminded that I am called to have the same attitude of Jesus - as He humbled himself, so should I. 

I was encouraged. I was encouraged because the Lord had reminded me to keep asking first and foremost, "How can I serve others? How AM I serving others? How am I serving God by putting the interest of others ABOVE my own interests?" 

I hate that my heart can turn to be so selfish so quickly. After all that the Lord has done for me by humbling Himself to death, by the cross...and I can complain about having to work overtime for the work of His kingdom. Eh, I am daily reminded that I am not perfect. Lord help me to put others above myself. Let your Spirit fill me with your fruits...especially the fruit of gentleness. Thank you that you added a child to your Kingdom this morning, and keep doing a work through us at your church. Amen. 

More Pictures!!

Here is our amazing Junior High band..they are adorable!
Cutie Cadence
These are my 4th and 5th graders at game time with Jono
Our team name is "Hope"
Stage View
*Picture credits go to Rebecca and Bethany...thank you!