Thursday, July 31, 2008

VBS Day 3 & 4!

Two more of my kids in the 4th and 5th grade class gave their lives to the Lord today! Praise God! It was such an emotional day!

Favorite quote of the day from a 5th grader - 

I was telling the kids how in China they are not able to have bibles, and have to meet in underground churches. One of the kids asked why this was, and I told him because Christianity was not liked in China...and basically, people are not "allowed" to be Christians. He responded by saying - 
"Well, you know, back in the day with the Spaniards and the Indians, religion was forced upon them. So why doesn't America just go over to China and enforce Christianity?"

What. the. heck.?

A fifth grader?! Where do they get this stuff???....

Frankie + Hula Hoop
Craft time with my class
Miss. Aubree gives an "altar call" and 2 kids come to the Lord!
Worship time!
Day 3 was in Africa so we did "Tree Church"
Game time - freezing as monkeys
We are trying to buy a water filter for those who need one
How amazing is our snack for China...homemade by Mrs. Maureen...she's amazing
Secret Chinese Church...shhhh
These are HOMEMADE fortune cookies!
"Faith" in Chinese

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