Monday, July 21, 2008

Up Close with Obama and McCain


Presidential candidates Obama and McCain will BOTH be at Saddleback Church on August 16th, answering questions from Rick Warren himself!

Think what you want, be angry or content, but I will DEFINITELY be there in attendance. Even if this wasn't at a church, the chances of getting into an event, with BOTH candidates, that is at a location so close to us, is so rare!

I am so excited right now!

Read more about it here. 


Anonymous said...

i'm excited i hope i can go :)

remember that asian girl that came up to you and told you that she read your blog? Yeah.

(maritza) said...

craziness. i want to go actually.

Camyron Lee said...

I'm so coming w/you.

carissa anne said...

i want to go too. mostly, i need to see these guys in person. part of me may or may not be considering Obama still. maybe. and part of me is kind of okay with McCain. maybe. and part of me is like, what the heck.

Carrie Marie said...

Carissa - get out of my brain... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh is this really true??? Robbie and I are so there...I clicked on the link but it didn't work. Where can I find out more?