Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Star-filled Weekend

Bleh, I have been posting too much lately. I need to slow it down...
but this must be shared. 

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us went to watch Kyle race (he is a professional bicyclist, and he works part-time at our church), and I actually met Mark Paul Gosselaar, aka - Zack Morris, from "Saved by the Bell". He is a professional bicyclist now as well... it was awesome. 
Oh, and Kyle placed 4th out of like 70-ish bicyclist's...it was awesome, I feel so much cooler knowing Kyle ;) ...the Bike racing world is like this whoooole other world...it's crazy.

Then, Monday night, we were out at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, eating at Javier's for Camyron's birthday, and we saw Gina from the "Real Housewives of Orange County". (Dr. Williams would be so excited...) ;)
And they were actually filming a scene for a show there! The camera guys were there with all the equipment and everything...it was pretty exciting. More pictures from that night to come soon. 

Gina is the second lady on the left

All in all, a pretty exciting weekend, full of "stars"!

Did I mention that I have Monday's off?...


carissa anne said...

i... had no idea that housewife show existed. how long, o Lord.

but! super excited about zack morris. sigh. <3

blythe said...

remember that rumor that the zack morris actor died?

Carrie Marie said...



Anonymous said...

Wow...Mark Paul and Gina in one weekend...

I'm a total dork, I think that is SO COOL and I am not afraid to say it!!! (Squealy scream!!!)

Ha ha,

Anonymous said...

Oh, P.s. I am embarrassed that I know this, but I think "Gina" spells her name weird, like "Jeana."

I'm a nerd.

I'm in Maui and it's paradise and today I still watched a Project Runway marathon. And I know how to spell "Jeana." I'm ridiculous.