Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I passed the CBEST!!!

Four hours of a Saturday morning did not go to waste, as I drove all the way to Brea about a month ago, and (just found out) that I passed the CBEST! I was mostly scared about the math, and ironic enough, I scored the highest on the math section! I actually blew the other sections away with my math score! So weird!

Anyway, now I can officially start applying for substitute teaching jobs for my Mondays off. I am so excited to get into the public schools!

Wisdom Teeth Update:

Monday was probably my worst day. This is most likely because I waaay over exerted myself too soon. I got my teeth out on Friday, and by Saturday I was feeling so good I went swimming. Then, on Sunday, I went to church. By the time it hit 1pm, I was feeling reeeally dizzy, and as soon as I got home, I just slept until 4am, and woke up super confused, yada yada. So I woke up Monday morning feeling better, and decided to go swimming again (bad idea), and didn't feel so hot by the time of my follow up appointment with my dentist. He was not very happy with my over-exertion, and I am not either. So I am going to take it easy for a few days. No more swimming, not a lot of talking...because my mouth really does hurt. Such a bummer. 


carissa anne said...

congratulations on passing! and sympathies about the wisdom teeth. at least you didn't have to be in pain AND look like a chipmunk?

Frank Morgan said...

i fear my wisdom teeth being pulled. ehhh.

Kaitlin said...

yay CBEST!!!

we can be in the CBEST club together now...haha

Ladddddy lets hang out and i mean soon!