Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Cadence!

3 years ago today I was slurping a Jamba Juice at Mission Viejo Hospital when Cadence Mae came into this world. My love for her was instant (as for all the Norman children really....), but Cadence was a little different because I have known her ever since she was in her mommy's tummy. I am sad that I can't be with her today, but we had a good conversation on the phone (she is on vacation in lake Arrowhead) and I will see her Monday. Take a look at all her preciousness: 

Just a Newborn

Cade and I when she was just born

The love affair begins...(this picture is so classic)

Love this one (years of age)

Still growing...into a Starbucks lover

We love each other

Yes, she does have an actual family

I love this one...she is two years old here

Happy Birthday Cadee Mae!!!


Anonymous said...

So adorable...I love the one-year-old smirky face picture!

Jenny Bruce said...

Hi Carrie!

Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words over at Christians In Context.

And I'm truly sorry I never responded to you after your thoughtful response to my question about McCain a couple months ago, but let me tell you now - it was a really good response:)

And I very much enjoy your blog!


Camyron Lee said...

hOly cow,
in that picture you ARE SUCH A BABY!
In the picture of landon...he's SUCH A BABY!
Clearly Cade is NOT the only one who has grown up..


Carrie Marie said...

Camy -
I KNOW! I was thinking about how young I look in that picture! AH! I am getting so old!