Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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Ben Witherington who is one of my favorite theologians in this world has finally reviewed "The Dark Night", and it is a great review.

To top it off, he reviewed the controversial book, "The Shack", on the same day! Dr. Witherington's review is fair, and I agree with him 100%. It is SO refreshing to read what he said about the book (because he doesn't entirely bash it like other, *ahem*, "theologians").

In even greater news, the tentative schedule for ETS 2008 is online (thanks Joel!)!

John Mark Reynolds writes a GREAT blog essay about "Distracting Ourselves too Much" are some of my fave's:

"First, no “solitary media” on school days. If we watch a movie Monday through Friday, we are trying to make sure it is a family experience...

Second, no earbuds with people (planes are an exception). When we are with people (especially folks we love), then we should talk with them...

Third, (and this is a hard one for me) with rare exceptions email needs to be checked twice a day and not more often. My phone should stay off or not be answered when in meetings with other people. (This seems obvious, but it is tempting to check email during meetings.)..."

The email one is one that I am constantly guilty of, and will try to work on. These are especially important for parents! Read more at the link above.

Norman Jeune III (from "Christians in Context") posted a review about Gary Haugen's (President of International Justice Mission) new book: "Just Courage: God's Great Expedition for the Restless Christian". This book looks amazing. I am going to take a little excerpt from the book, from Jeune's post, to entice you to see his whole post, AND order the book!

Haugen says -

"The journey for me has been incredible, but by far the most joyful, exhilirating and life-altering part has been the authentic experience of God's presence and power. I have experienced God- and that experience has come in my weakness. God has called us into a battle with violence and aggressive evil that, every day, my colleagues and I know we cannot win without the specific intervention of God...

...In concrete terms, what does that desperation look like? For me, it means being confronted with a videotape of hundreds of young girls in Cambodia being put on open sale to be raped and abused by sex tourists and foreign pedophiles. It means going into a brothel in Cambodia as part of an undercover investigation and being presented with a dozen girls between the ages of five and ten who are being forced to provide sex to strangers. It means being told by everyone who should know that there is nothing that can be done about it. It means facing deaths threats for my investigative colleagues, high level police corruption, desperately inadequate aftercare capacities for victims and a hopelessly corrupt court system. It means going to God in honest argument and saying, "Father, we cannot solve this," and hearing him say, "Do what you know best to do, and watch me with the rest." In the end it means taking that risky bargain and seeing God do more than I could have hoped or imagined- setting girls free, providing high-quality aftercare, bringing the perpetrators to justice, shutting down the whole nasty operation, training the Cambodian authorities to do this work themselves and seeing the U.S. government willing to pay for it."

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S G said...

There's another review on The Shack... she likes it... and doesn't take issue with the Trinity discussion. Interesting stuff, might have to check it out.