Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Schreiner's NT Theology

Wow. I am so impressed with what little I know about Schreiner's New Testament theology book. I took a look through the table of contents tonight...wow...how I WISH we could have gone through this book in NT Theo. Dare I say it's better than Ladd's?...it's gotta be better than Thielman's (sorry Dr. Thielman).

I love how Schreiner doesn't go book by book, but by theme. And all his themes are riddled with inaugurated eschatology and talk of the Kingdom of God. Awesome. 

I am definitely purchasing this bad-boy with my next paycheck. 


Josh said...

oh!! oh!!!
(just rubbing it in your face!)
I need to start it this week.
the Yosh is having me do chapter summaries.
I'm very excited to read it, if i can EVER find time...

Andrew Faris said...

Maybe we should read it before we call it better than Ladd or even Theilman?

Carrie Marie said...

I know I know, I just got a little too excited

John A. Dunne said...

Yes! I am so excited for this NT Theology! I'm so glad that it will be a textbook for next semester!

Anonymous said...

If only we could have had Dr. Yosh for NT theo...not that our class wasn't EXCEPTIONALLY FABULOUS (not). ;)

Love Jessie