Saturday, June 21, 2008


So often, we can imagine this perfect picture in our minds of how things are supposed to go, and when they don't go our way, we act like the world is falling down all around us. 

God brought a person into my life, a very important and influential person, for a season. Things did not go how I had perfectly imagined, and sad to say, our relationship is unable to be "restored". 

I was convinced deep down in my heart that this could not be the case because God is a God of restoration! But I finally realized, God is restoring this relationship in His own way, and not mine. 

I was reminded of the gospel. Yes, pretty much the whole big picture of the gospel. God had been promising His people a Messiah, a Savior, to come and rescue them from the oppression that had endured for years. The Jewish people expected a mighty King, whom would overtake the Roman Empire by force. But instead, they received Jesus Christ, a mighty King, who had to suffer death on a cross, to usher in the new age. 

This is not what the Jews had imagined when they thought of restoration for themselves. 

The Kingdom had only been inaugurated, it hadn't been consummated. They were given new laws to live by, and the Holy Spirit to help them with that. And why these things are good, and are a blessing, we are still in a state where we are waiting for the consummation of Christ's kingdom, where we will finally be rescued from sin, this ugly world, our nasty hearts, and broken relationships. 

My relationship with this person may not be restored in the way that I had imagined, just as the Jewish expectations from the Messiah were also not met. And why this may pain my heart in unexplainable ways, I must have faith in my Lord that He is doing what He needs to do. 

Even if our relationship can never be mended on this earth, I can look forward to the day when it will be ultimately restored, and stay restored for eternity. On that day, there will be no more tears, no more miscommunication, no more pain; there will only be completed restoration as we bend our knees to worship our Father in Heaven. 

So with that said, Maranatha!