Monday, June 16, 2008



I had such a great weekend! 

I was able to catch up with some friends on Friday night at the Knaup's beautiful home. Then off to the CBEST at 630am Saturday morning, where I enjoyed my Saturday taking a 3 hour test (but seriously, it was kind of satisfying to be taking tests again). Then I had the pleasure of spending part of the afternoon at the Asbill home, where they were hosting a goodbye party for Michelle. Michelle is headed to Bulgaria where she will be a full-time missionary! Then I was off to another Knaup event; this time in celebration of Jonathan's graduation from CSUF with a philosophy degree. It was great to see people from the Knaup's church and the Knaup fam; such great people. Sunday was Father's Day, where I enjoyed church in the morning with guest musician Danny Larsh (great guy). Then I was off to visit G-Pa, and uncles and such. We ended the night with a steak dinner and a Laker win! Tonight I will be headed over to party it up with Melissa as we send her out to Africa for the next 7 weeks. This morning at church, we prayed for her and Aubree (who is going to Germany this summer), and my eyes started to fill with tears at the thought of those two ladies taking a step of faith for the gospel of Christ. It's a beautiful thing to watch God take a life and form it into one ball of glorification for His name! 

Christians in Context gave us some GREAT links, so I am going to link to them, highlighting a few of my faves, and other things that I found on the internet. 

  • Create your own President Bush speech! This is hilarious!

  • Grudem's Systematic Theology is not for free online...

  • Cult Comparison Chart

  • Our church's "Steak and Study" is this Thursday. If you are a man, you should be there. It is my favorite event that I can never attend. 

  • Coldplay's new album comes out on Tuesday! Some friends have somehow already accessed this precious musical compact disc, and you can listen to the entire album on myspace, but I am waiting; waiting to walk into Best Buy to buy it with all its glory (and TWO bonus tracks!).

    *Sidenote* - as you will read in this article (from the link), Brian Eno produced this album. Eno has worked in music FORever. But my favorite thing about Eno is that when he started a little record company, he recorded and released a famous little tune by the name of, "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet". This song was eventually recorded by Jars of Clay (one of my fave's by them). Therefore, this album is bound to be riddled with religious connotations. I mean, I think it's a lot coming from Catholicism (if you factor in where this album was recorded), but still, I think all these people involved are on the brink of knowing Jesus (if not already)...I pray all the time. I need Coldplay in Heaven. ;)
  • Frankie shares with us his story of his accident...
  • This is definitely the video of the week:


Anonymous said...

Good to be taking tests again????

Ha ha, Jessie

Bethany Pee said...

hahahah spontaneous musical, you would be apart of something like that

Camyron Lee said...

oh my gosh! I want to be a part of that musical! amazingggg

theekevy said...

I love all the people leaving right in the middle of the musical!! Too great.