Monday, June 2, 2008

First day off.

Today was my first day off as a working woman, and it started out with a bang...literally.

It all started around 1am last night when I was minding my own business, watching a little TV, and I heard a garage open with a loud "bang!". Seeing as I am living all alone, I assumed it was the neighbor because why would MY garage door be opening?

I went back to watching TV, and about 10 minutes later I heard the garage door open again. I thought to myself, "What the heck are the neighbors doing up so late, making so much noise?"

About 5 minutes later I heard it again, but this time I really felt it coming from my (cousin's) house. I realized that there is no way the neighbors garage could make so much noise into my house. I started getting worried (especially because I forgot to lock the door that is between the house and the garage...though if someone would have walked through it, the alarm would have went off). I decided that there was nothing to get worried about if it wasn't my garage, and that I needed to check it. I grabbed a bat, and walked downstairs (scared out of my mind). I got to the door, and opened it. Sure enough, my garage door was open! I quickly slammed the door, locked it, and ran into my bedroom which is right around the corner. Right then, I heard the garage door close and open again.

At this point I started to panic. I started to cry a little, especially because I had realized that I left my cell phone in my car (which was in the driveway). I wanted to call my cousins to ask if this normally happens, and if I shouldn't be freaking out at all, but I didn't know their number by heart. Actually, I didn't know hardly anyone's number by heart except for some former co-workers/current co-workers - the Normans and Mr. Reinhardt. I felt bad calling the Normans so late, so I tried calling Chris, in hopes that he would tell me that garage doors open and close all the time, especially when young females are staying alone in a house. I am not sure why girls think that men will have the answers (like that) to every question, but we do. Unfortunately, he didn't answer. But who can blame him, it was 1am, and some random number (cousin's house) was calling him.

After I had no success in reaching someone from the outside world, I had no other choice; I had to call 911. I mean, what else was I supposed to do!? It seemed as if someone was in my garage. And to make matters worse, all the lights in the garage were burned out, so it was pitch black.

So I called 911, and apparently there was a fight in the Knaup's new neighborhood of Las Flores, and it took police THIRTY MINUTES to come to my rescue. Those were the thirty longest minutes of my life! I stayed on the phone with the nice 911 operator the whole time because I refused to hang up. She told me to "let her know if I heard someone in the house" comforting.

Finally the police arrived, and I went outside to discover that the loud "bang" I heard was the ladder falling over after the garage door had opened. Unfortunately, this still gave us no answers to how the heck the door opened in the first place. The officer was veeeery nice, and reassured me that it was probably something to do with the wiring, and he came in and looked around the house just so I would feel better. Did I mention that he was cute? Okay, just thought that I would throw that out there. :)
Me on the other hand, had just finished putting a mask on my face, and was in my pajama's - specifically, my "Bye-ola" shirt...typical.

The officer left, and I was still scared out of my mind of course, but I just wanted to go to bed because it was 2am. I called Chris back (because my call-waiting went off, and I think it was him...) and started rambling on about what had happened. He was probably half-asleep, but at least his reactions made it seem like he cared ;)
I asked him to pray for me, because I can't be scared to stay at the house...I have to live here the whole summer!

I fell asleep quickly, and awoke to Tatum calling me. I told her the whole story, and of course she sympathized greatly with me because she is just as much as a wuss as I am. I finally registered for the CBEST so I can substitute teach (hopefully) on my Mondays off from the church. My test is next Saturday, and I need to start studying math. I continued my day off by telling more and more people about what had happened. My cousin was convinced that the dying batteries in the clicker set it off. So I headed out on errands that would include a stop at radioshack.

I began by seeing my mom because I needed my healthcare card for some dentistry things (wisdom teeth). We ended up at Carls Jr. for lunch where I had a "divine appointment" with a crazy woman who was all into "The Secret". We talked for awhile as her 10 year old daughter watched (sad). My mom was pretty surprised at our conversations, but why wouldn't she be, it's not like she has ever even heard of "street witnessing" ;)

That conversation kind of ended abruptly, with the daughter pulling her mom away from me (I think she was embarassed). I was sad nonetheless, and as I drove away I wished that I would have invited her daughter to VBS...super bummed about that.

Off I went to my dentist appointment, where I was yelled at for 10 consecutive minutes for having earrings that I couldn't take off for the x-ray...waaa.

Then to the highlight of my day - the DMV, yuck. I spent 2 hours at the DMV today but I accomplished a lot. I talked about the Lord with one person (2 in one day! successful day!). I figured out that I do NOT have a point on my driving record (take that insurance company full of liars!), and I paid for my registration! The only thing left to do is to pay off my 3 outstanding tickets (one of which I am pretty sure I can fight off). I left pretty satisfied...not so overwhelmed anymore.

Finally, I went to Radioshack where it was sooo busy. Waited forever but finally got new batteries for the clicker. The guy behind me kept calling me "man", but he helped me figure out a possibility of why the garage was going all crazy. "Ohh, man, you just connect those laser beams together, because, man, if those beams aren't together, man, then that garage will go crazy man." Ummm yah.

So I got home and I did something that I would never do before...I changed a lightbulb in a garage! I climbed up on a ladder and changed a lightbulb. I felt so accomplished. This still hasn't solved the problem of the bigger lighting problem I am having (the light won't come on when I open the garage with my clicker), and Mr. Kruts said he would come over and help me with it...hopefully he I am not scared to leave the house after the sun goes down like an elderly woman.

All in all, a very eventful first day off. I am pretty tired from everything, and hopefully I will get some sleep tonight.

I hope you are well. And if you think of it, pray that I wouldn't be scared to stay here... "fearing" only the One who can take away my soul, as well as my life, having confidence that the Lord is my great protector.


Anonymous said...

Wow...that's quite a story! Don't worry, God will protect you. He wouldn't have put you through all the madness of Biola only to take you away so soon!!

Love Jessie

Carrie Marie said...

ha ha very funny :)

I neeeeeed to call yooooouuuuuuu

Andrew Faris said...

You need to call me in that situation in the future. Seriously- 1 a.m. and all. You can come sleep in my sister's room if you ever get scared again. She's great, loves women older than her (specifically those my age), and has a trundle bed under hers that is fair game. Or heck, I can sleep on a couch and you can have my room. In any case, I live too close to not be the first person you call in that situation in the future (though I know you don't know my number by heart- but even once you got your cell phone and you were still scared after the cops came).

Oh yeah, and thanks for the link above.

Carrie Marie said...

Andrew Faris = quality.