Saturday, May 3, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #22

#22 - Girlie Sleepovers in my wonderful apartment and Biola Brunch

When I came to Biola I was very worried about leaving all my wonderful high school girlies back in OC. I knew I would still see them, but not as much, and I was very sad about that.

Well, it's been two years now, and they have grown up quickly (mostly all of them graduating high school, now in college), and luckily we have been able to bond in a different way. A different way consisting of sleepovers and eating Biola's brunch.

Sad to say, but these past 24 hours have consisted of the final sleepover and Biola brunch. Now, the girls are planning on sleeping over the day before my graduation, but unfortunately, there will be no brunch (but we will have snacks back at my apartment after the graduation...and the party is the next day!).

Today we sat outside in the Cafe for about 3 hours just chatting, eating (a lot), and taking it all in. It was the perfect day; not too hot, not too cold...a little windy. The eggs were always just as good as I remember, and the girls had a great time making waffles. We headed back to the apartment and took a nap (3 to a futon and 2 on the couches)...snuggled up and dealt with the crankiness of all. ;)

I love you girls, and I will miss these times!!!

Jordan is such a rockstar

Jordan and Adam; always putting on a good show

Miss. Ashley

John is so tall and B is so little

Watch out for the wolf finger!

Miss. Aubs

Miss. Tita

Who fits in this little car?!

We were trying to "fro" out our hair

Never thought I would just hang out in Sutherland after the show...


Maritza said...

man, i was hoping youd post something about today:)
it was perfect. i love youuu carrie

Maritza said...

this is filed under "f" for favourites!

Camyron Lee said...

OOOH was SOOO good!! I loves youuu

Bethany Pee said...

always stealing my pictures,
i loveth you though