Friday, May 16, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #20

Well, as you can see: #1 - I haven't blogged for 3 whole days! Wow, I have been a busy lady, and I finally caught the cold that has been going around; no fun.
#2 - I am never going to make it through all 30 things I will miss about Biola until after graduation. Which is okay, because I need to get all my pictures uploaded to make my blog posts better.

Next week is my last week of college, and I definitely plan on keeping my camera on me from now until it's all over; trying to capture every last bit of every moment. I am truly going to miss this place so much. I can't even express to you the great memories I am taking from here. This was one of the best times of my life, and it is going to be so hard to say goodbye.

Okay, moving on now - #20 = My Greek class & Dr. Yoshikawa ("Yosh").
I love how the right sided people are standing straight up, while us lefties are squeezing down as far as we can go.

I have been fortunate enough to have had Dr. Yoshikawa as my Greek professor all four semesters of my Greek career! When it was my first day, it was his first day as well. And not only me, but everyone who started that first semester of Greek, has made in impact in Yosh's career as a Prof...we are his first graduating class!!! We have been blessed to have such a brilliant teacher (Calvinist...could it get any better?...), who has studied under D.A. Carson!

My favorite fun facts about Dr. Yosh:
#1 - His son's name is Calvin, can you guess why?
#2 - He holds the record for the longest footnote in the history of the world! Okay, I don't know about the world, but it's the longest one Carson's ever seen, so in my book, that wins.
#3 - He was given the "gift" of teaching at conversion.
#4 - He tells the best stories about demon possession. (Is that appropriate?)
#5 - He will give you more points as long as you write a lot of whatever, or at least make it look "messy".
#6 - He is willing to come dressed in full star trek uniform in honor of finals (just because everyone else said they would).
#7 - He likes parties!
#8 - He likes to play the game, "Name That Tune".
#9 - He likes to talk about the flood and the Noahaic covenant.
#10 - He is the master of the beloved "context dance", to which I still have never seen, gasp!

The other day, we were reminiscing about our first semester together (me and my Greek friends).
Paul was reminding me about how when we introduced ourselves, he noticed that I was the only other "Calvary Chapel" person in the class. I remember sitting in Greek class one day, telling someone about Greg Laurie...they had no idea who that was. I was so confused, how could you not know who Greg Laurie is?! Oooohhh, what a different world it is here at BU. ;)

Anyway, Greek class is where I first met Jessie, Paul, and Derek, who have all become great friends of mine. This is the place where I was able to stay updated on Steve-O's life, because we were in class together at least twice a week. Many, many, great friendships were made because of Greek class. And most importantly - many, many hours were put into staying up all night trying to memorize Greek paradigms...I would hang them by my bed so I could literally fall asleep reading them.

Yes, that is my beloved Radiohead poster--->

Greek Paradigms, woot! -->

It looks so much more simpler now-->

Well, paradigm memorizing will come and go (because it has definitely gone...), and Wallace can't really remember his categories anyway, so why am I accountable?...

but one thing that will never be forgotten is the great times I have had in my two years of Greek class. I met Dr. Yosh and a ton of AMAZING peers...and I can read the Greek New Testament! What more could you ask for?!

This is one of my favorite typical of me to be reading my GNT and US Magazine at the same time...Sheesh...


carissa anne said...

haha. i did kinda miss having yosh this year in greek. if memory serves correctly, i DID see the context dance. and it was glorious.

Josh said...

this is great!
what an amazing 4 semesters!

Cristina said...

sadly i've never seen the context dance either. i tried, but failed.
oh, and "name that tune" was one of THE most fun class periods i've had at Biola. *sign* i can't believe its all over...

Maritza said...

woo i went there!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Yosh is so amazing...we learned so much from him and he is such an awesome person with a pastoral heart! We all bonded so much in Greek because it's so ridiculously HARD that we all need each other to survive! Oh, I am going to miss it!!

Love Jessie