Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ministry Fair

Last Sunday our church had a ministry fair. It was a great time of fellowship in the 100 degree heat. I can't go to my church for a couple of weeks which makes me sad, but looking at these pictures cheers me up!

Two of the cutest kids ever!

Simone doing a mighty fine job fulfilling the needs of the little women next to her

The Sanchez family!

Beautiful Melissa

Tita hard at work


So we had a little photo shoot...

Love her...

How cute!


Brother to the sisters

Cooking up some grub

But Chris just went with a sucker



I love this one of Camyron


Anonymous said...

Cute pics....I like the one with the little girl holding popcorn and the one with the balloons!

Love Jessie

Maritza said...

our church people are incredibly good looking

Bethany Pee said...

don't try and take credit for these pictures, i took them! you're stealing my thunder

tisk tisk
maybe i should start writing like lilz on them or something

blythe said...

blythe was there too...

Camyron Lee said...

oooh someone loves the one w/the baloons?!

haha i like this blog:) tis a good one