Saturday, May 10, 2008

Making Progess...

I spent 8 hours in the library breaks...


1 Greek projects (plus all homework that I have slacked off on)

James Presentation

Pauline Lit Midterm and project

OT Theology Presentation


NT Theo Diversity Paper
Paragraph summary and theological paper on Numbers

Theological Paper on Exodus

Final paper on my marriage research

Presentation for marriage research findings

HUGE NT use of the OT paper and presentation of research findings

Greek Presentation

Pauline Lit Final Exam

OT Theo final paper
NT Theology final exam (whaever it ends up consisting of)

Move all of my stuff out of my apartment and into cousins house
(whom I need to call!)
Say goodbye to all my friends at Biola... *tear*


A Man from Issachar said...


I saw your comments at Sean Lucas' blog. How right you are abou the nose in the book issue for marrieds! Thank you for the reminder and admonition.



carissa anne said...

yeah progress! we're so close! two weeks from today. :]

i too read your comment on that post about PhDs and seminary and i totally agree. i'm not going to seminary, but i know 'somebody' who is and it really is something to think about. i wonder why some girls think that dating a "seminary man" is this automatically wonderful thing! it seems kinda hard, to me. haha.

RevolutionVoice said...

I appreciate your zeal....keep it up!