Monday, April 21, 2008

Working on some new stuff...

So, as you maybe have noticed, I have been working on getting a solid name for my blog.
I am not a huge fan of what I have right now...well, I think I like the "But the greatest of these is love"...but I don't like the underlying information.



Maritza said...

how about "sexy christian woman, seeking sexy christian man"

blythe said...

hahah tita.

are you hoping to say something similar to what you have, or something that connects more directly with the title?

how about something simple, like the point of your blog, and have that connect with your title.
like, "learning how to love the way He does"
or, "learning how to love the 'unloveable'"

or, "working for christ's kingdom through LOVE"

i don't know.

...but i'm not sure that the "single christian woman" bit is necessary. it sort of has the effect tita jokes about...

Carrie Marie said...

Tita - thanks for the horrible advice ;)

Blythe - Yes, this is what I am trying to figure out...what IS the point of my Thanks for the suggestions though, I might try some of them out. :)