Thursday, April 10, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #30

I have decided to dedicate a portion of my blog over the next 45 days to talk about the 30 things I will miss most about BIOLA. I figured this is my last chance to do it, and I am excited about having a "series" in my blog entries.

So, the thirtieth on the list will be this: The Biola newspaper, "The Chimes".
Now, the Chimes was named after Biola's famous bells which we have had forever and moved around to every location that Biola was at. Here is a picture:

(More on the bells in another post)

And even though The Chimes is online now where I can read it from my new home back in Orange County (and where you can read my current article), it still won't be the same.

Because I have the same routine every week.
Every Thursday I work from 9pm-Midnight. And by this time in the week, I am tired, and I am done with homework. So I come into work every Thursday night, stop by the newspaper holder, pick up a copy of The Chimes, stroll into work, and sit there and the read the thing from cover to cover.

Sometimes I get heated up and email people about what they wrote. Sometimes I get ideas and write articles to be published (see above), and sometimes I just put all of my energy into completing the crossword puzzle.

Either way, I always look forward to Thursday night readings of The Chimes.

I am going to miss that.

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Maritza said...

I can't wait til I can post a blog series like this!!!! congrats carrie.