Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #26

#26 - The La Mirada Dollar Theater

Ohh the glories of being a dirt poor college student, scrounging up dimes and nickels to pay for a movie at the dollar theater; how I will miss these days. Especially because we are literally ONE minute away from the theater...we can easily walk there when we don't even have any money for gas.

And yes, just in case you are wondering, I have been to a movie at the dollar theater all. by. myself....and I love it!

Even tonight, Lindsay and I went and saw a horrible dollar movie, for the low cost of two dollars (it's only one dollar on Tuesdays).

As usual, we snuck in goodies with our purses, and sat in a 90 degree movie theater (I could barely breathe). The first minutes of the movie were watched with half the screen not working, and when we left, I missed stepping on a cockroach in the lobby by an inch (and I am not kidding about that).

Lindsay was shocked, exclaiming, "I didn't even know California had cockroaches!"

These are good times.


Maritza said...

What movie did you see?!

blythe said...

the good news is that there's a starplex in woodbridge/irvine, and it's only $1.50!

also, is your countdown of favorite biola-things going in a certain order? should i exepect a GRAND number 1, by the time you get there?

Carrie Marie said...

i think they are just going to end being in random order...but hopefully, the last one will be the best :)