Friday, April 25, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #25

#25 = Late night, Molca Salsa runs.

Molca Salsa, located anywhere and everywhere throughout the college towns of La Mirada to Fullerton, is a fine mexican food restaurant which is open 24 hours (indoor dining until 1am).

Tonight, after work, Lindsay (roommate) and I headed over to Molca because I told her I wanted to do a late night run at least one more time before graduation. I ordered my usual nachos with no meat (I am kinda scared of food poisoning there), and Lindsay ordered her usual, tacquitos. I swear, everywhere she does, she wants tacquitos, it's kinda cute.

Anyway, Molca Salsa is THE Biola hotspot, everyone knows about it, it's definitly a tradition (along with "The Hat"), and I will greatly miss it. Well, mostly I will miss the whole meaning and tradition of Molca Salsa...but not really the's super greasy and kind of gross.

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Anonymous said...

2:06 AM Carrie? No wonder you are never in Greek. :)

Ha ha, Jessie