Tuesday, April 15, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I was reminiscing tonight through all my photos...I just miss the days of youth group sooo much. Those were truly great times in my life.

Youth Group...

Winter Camps

Summer Camps

Plane Rides to Kauai

Getting love notes on my computer from my kids while away at school and having Chris send pictures to me...*tear*

Mexico Mission Trips

Gina and Madson

Locking hundreds of kids in a room just to sit back and watch ours be disobedient ;)

Christmas Party Jam Sessions

Carrie Car Rides

Hanging out with Tate

Typical Boys Night

We just had to have those FUEL hats

My amazing cohort group

Leader "meetings"

Baby Cade

My little dorm room


Pumpkin Carving

Having a choir at church...ha.

Beach Reach/South Padre

Finding hair in nachos

Aubree and I shoving this in my car for beach day

My old cat, Noah Bob, RIP


The days of FUZE All-nighters

Memorizing Greek Paradigms....noT!

Adam having no shame

Chris' random pictures that somehow ended up on my computer...

Cade learning how to walk

The Buzzlightyear ride and Pammy

Pranking Chris' car with $100 worth of Top Ramen...what were we thinking?!

Breakfast and Bible Study with the Ladies

Winning "Bigger or Better" because someone wanted to get rid of their basketball hoop

Arcade Fire...LIVE

Disneyland With the Norman Children (Pictures: Ryah)


Maritza said...

aww this made me sooo happy.

can you and i go through a book this summer? like meet every week fo reals? please please please?

Maritza said...
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Austin James said...

holy crap, i'm going to cry... i've never had so many memories come back to me in so little time.

Carrie Marie said...

AJ, don't cry...the hat wasn't that ugly. ;)

Tita, I already told you we would :) ....

Maritza said...

i just need to be reassured...

Bethany Pee said...

yesss i the posts with a zillion pictures

Frank Morgan said...

memories are so lovely.
but how sad you didn't mention our marriage.

Camyron Lee said...

I love you and all your pictures! Lets go back in time, I really do miss youth group(even though we complained at the time). It was awesome, and i miss camps/fuze/worship/random after-sesh hang outs. I mean...who comes up w a game like "bigger and better"?? I'm sure, weeks of planning went into that. ha