Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Such an amazing day.

I have just had the most amazing day. Everything seems to be falling right into place for me. God is just so good, and I just don't deserve how much He blesses me.

First of all, lets go over some past blog posts that have ended up working out perfectly.

As I mentioned in the last post, the day started out with me getting a ticket to the Radiohead show. A few days ago, I posted about how I thought I wasn't going to be able to go due to financial reasons. But the Lord provided for me; thank you LORD!

Secondly, as I frantically mentioned in yesterdays post, my dress was not arriving on time for the wedding I am a part of on Saturday. I was very worried because I had ordered it awhile ago, and I didn't have anymore money to spend on a new dress if this one didn't arrive. But the Lord came through, and had His hand all over UPS and my dress arrived TODAY! I was SO excited to get it, and I couldn't wait to run home and try it on (praying that it fit okay and looked okay...), and it's AMAZING! I just LOVE it! One of the best dresses i've ever owned! Thank you LORD!

Thirdly, awhile back, I mentioned a huge midterm I was stressing about, and was pretty satisfied after I took it (but still worried). Well I got the test back today and I did very well!!! I was so excited! Thank you LORD!

Moving on away from blog posts, I was also blessed today by having the strength to finish my Old Testament paper on Genesis. I was really feeling tired, and didn't want to finish it, but in the end, I was SO blessed by what I discovered and what I wrote about (possibly more on that later...a different post).

Finally, I just had some of the most amazing conversations today. Some where I was blessed, some (and all) where I hope what I said was encouraging to others. THIS is what I will miss the MOST about Biola. Even last night I went to visit a friend while he was working, and we just had an amazing conversation, about life, religion, politics. Also, I want to give a special shoutout to Josh Saenz who faithfully reads my blog, thankyou.

People are so loving and caring here, and what I love the most about the people at Biola is that they care about deep things, and they care deeply about the people they are talking too. I hope the habit of loving people in a deeper way rubbed off on me in a way that will never be washed off.

Thank you LORD!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know you love us...your Biola friends are pretty stinkin' cool. You will miss us terribly. :)

We'll miss you too!

P.s. your graduation countdown is starting to scare me!! AHHH!

Love Jessie

Carrie Marie said...

I knoooow!!!!! What is it? Like forty-something days!!! Ah!!!
and I will miss you A LOT!

Josh said...

thanks for the shout out carrie.
you win the blog queen award!!!
ETS and Blog Queen!
No but seriously, I really enjoy your posts.