Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Radiohead, here we come!!!

Well, if you were shedding a tear on my behalf after my last Radiohead post, you can wipe those tears away and celebrate with me!
At out of the kindness of his heart, my friend Chris (though incredibly broke himself) has bought me a ticket to the Radiohead show (to be paid back once my tax return check comes...w/a little bonus) ;)
To him, I give my thanks. And we also give our thanks to Chris for organizing the schedule and phone tree list so that we all didn't have to stay awake all night to reserve seats when they went on sale.

If you don't know, Radiohead sets aside some tickets on their own website (no ticketmaster fees!!!), but they go on sale at a random one knows. So you have to stay awake all night and all day and keep refreshing the homepage to see when they go on sale.

I started out the watch from 12-midnight until 3am. I was writing a paper, so it was all good. But by 3am, no sign of tickets...
I know that Chris came on at 3am, and I am not sure what time he stayed awake until.
When I woke up this morning, I had a text from John at 630am, so I am assuming he had that shift...and I believe that's when tickets when on sale.

But I also had a few emails telling me that Chris and Blythe, combined, had gotten 8 tickets...and the lucky people who are going are....drumroll please....

Stefanie &

Hooray for us!!! It's gunna be a GREAT show!!!!


Maritza said...

im freaking jealoussssss ugh

Camyron Lee said...

WOOOO Now that I have a ticket, just totally stoked!

Why AM i last??


Carrie Marie said...

psh, saved the best for last...duh.